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Yikes: Pelosi Says She Might Run Again

Back in 2018, Pelosi pledged that she’d only remain in Congress for two terms. Even she knew that Americans could and would only tolerate the wicked witch of the West for so long.

Unfortunately, with her second term drawing to a close (and none too soon!) it’s looking like she might be ready to renege on that promise, which is quite unfortunate for all those that find her snobbish leftism unbearable.

That’s according to CNN, which had this to say on Pelosi sticking around longer than she initially indicated:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stay until at least after the midterm elections, extending her nearly 20-year run as the House’s top Democrat after she turns 82 and, perhaps, beyond.

She is planning to file and run for reelection in her San Francisco district next year — at least for now — in keeping with her pattern of deciding about staying in Congress after the elections, when she likely will have won an 18th full term

And sources familiar with Pelosi’s thinking say she isn’t ruling out the possibility of trying to stay in leadership after 2022, despite her original vow to leave as the top House Democrat. 

Apparently, Pelosi is so invested in the “tortuous” negotiations over Biden’s agenda that she feels the need to stick around and wrangle the squabbling blocks of the leftist coalition into a pro-Biden voting block. What a self-sacrificing hero!

Perhaps she’s also hoping that she’ll be able to take advantage of other opportunities to trade stocks based on what Congress passes, something she has become notorious for in recent years.

In any case, the real reason Pelosi sticking around might be that the left has no clear vision of who will replace her. As Just the News reports:

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It is unclear who would succeed Pelosi in her role as speaker.  A source told CNN, “Pelosi sees a responsibility to groom and advance the next generation of leaders but not to name a successor. That’s up to the caucus in her view, whenever that may be.”

So, though it was exciting to think that she might finally be gone for good, it’s looking like Pelosi might be sticking around even longer than she initially intended.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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