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My Body – My Choice: Now We Know Why Life and Death Cannot Depend Upon a Slogan

Across the globe, the new motto for all those who do not want to be forced by their governments to take a vaccination is the old motto of – my body, my choice.

How is that going?

In fact, the “my body” catchphrase is being ignored by governments from one corner of the globe to the other.

Examples abound, one is from Newsweek Magazine which shows a video of people in a Staten Island food court. There, people are being refused service if they cannot produce vax-proof.

Newsweek says, “group of people protesting New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate stormed through a vaccinated-only food court on Staten Island on Saturday. One video that captured the action has already been viewed 1.4 million times on social media.

A number of clips were filmed by freelance journalist Oliya Scootercaster for FreedomNews TV. Dozens of people can be seen in the footage marching through a food court at the Staten Island Mall and protesting the mandate.

One shows a crowd sitting at tables chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” and “USA!” as others walk by and sing along.”

So, what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that right out of the gate the clips of the protest were viewed by 1.4 million people all of whom don’t seem to mind borrowing the slogan of the pro-abortionists. Now, it really is their body – and no one in government seems to really give a hoot!

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Now, the antics of the overbearing, misguided and tyrannical Biden Administration are getting full attention from those who were heretofore sleeping under the same progressive cloud as Sleepy Joe himself.

In fact, both those on the right and the left share in this newly heralded sentiment borrowed from the abortionists.

Ask a child – Ask a scientist – Ask a Constitutionalist or Civil Rights Activist or the Supreme Court

Ask a child if the baby growing in a women’s womb is the property, the possession of the mother, and most children will say no.

Ask a scientist and they will consider the differentiation in the DNA of the mother and the child, and they will say no as well. Not even science would say we own all those who share some of our DNA.

Finally, ask anyone who knows a bit about our constitution, our civil rights bills and our Supreme Court decisions and you again will get a resounding, “no!”

It is our law. No one can own a slave – or any human being.

Sorry unhappy moms – it is not yours and will never be. It is a separate entity from you and will never be your possession.

Therefore, we who have not thrown our conscience completely into the fire – still refer to abortion as murder.

We imply that the longer a fetus survives or the closer a child gets to adulthood the more human and valuable they become.

A thoughtful perusal of the following verse and an honest assessment of what our world of adults looks like today says only one thing.

The opposite is true – the longer a person stays like a child the more human they are. To wit:

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 18:3)

The pro-abortionists have used their silly slogan since 1973 even though it borders on idiocy.

But here is the good news – this time they got it right.

The same rights that declare a fetus to be a free and independent human being also say, you are free as well and, no one in government can tell you to be vaccinated against your will.

This is where we can mark this day or period as the first time in history that liberals finally – got something right!

Michael Bresciani

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