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It’s Mutating Into a Dictatorship

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Remember when it was just supposed to be two weeks to slow the spread? That was funny. Now it’s looking more like two years…with no end in sight. It’s not morphing into the Delta variant, it’s morphing into a dictatorship headed by eggheads.

And who do we have to thank for that?

Some might say the Red Chinese. Those who say so aren’t completely wrong, but they’re also not completely right. The Chinese started all of this, so they’re to blame for the breakout of the virus, but they’re in no way responsible for what happened next.

So, who then?

The eggheads. The “experts.” The petty tyrants around the world, but especially in the wealthy, Western states that think they know better than you how to live your life. They think they have the right to tell you when you can leave the house, when your business can open, what Big Pharma experiments you have to inject into yourself, and what face diaper you must wear to buy groceries. They’re hubristic, power-hungry, and, worst of all, constantly wrong.

It’d be one thing if we were ruled by the sort of corporate government, a state formed like a joint-stock company, as is described by Yarvin in An Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives. Such a government might have a high degree of control over your life, but it’d also be competent.

When it told you to wear a mask, that would be because a mask would actually keep you and others safe. If it had a mandatory vaccine, the vaccine would be safe and effective. And so on; whatever it did would be because it worked, not because some nerd in a CDC cubicle wanted to feel powerful.

But that’s not what we’re dealing with. No, we’re dealing with the worst thing of all: incompetent tyrants. Fauci constantly flip flops, never being in doubt and never being right. Slow Joe demands you do this or that and at the same time he has to be guided when walking on a path. Governors launch ham-fisted plans to deal with Covid, each one being more costly and less effective than the last.

Your business died, but no one you know died of Covid.

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Your mental health is at an all time low thanks to the lockdowns, but the virus you’re being sheltered from wouldn’t harm you if you got it.

Your life has been ruined and there’s no discernable gain; crony capitalists and the eggheads are doing well for themselves, but everyone else is suffering. Everything they’ve decided to do has maximized their own power but done nothing to help you out.

Were a competent tyrant in charge, such as in Singapore or Rome under the Antonines, things would be less than ideal but far from intolerable. Singapore is an economic miracle, after all, and Gibbon describes life in Rome under the Antonines as “the happiest…in human history.”

But there’s no one competent in charge. We don’t have a Marcus Aurelius or Hadrian, we have Commodus or Elagabalus. We aren’t Singapore, we’re Mexico. We’re not in Galt’s Gulch, we’re in the People’s Republic of America. We’re ruled by arbitrary tyrants, not philosopher-kings (and we certainly don’t live under the best sort of government of all, the republican government designed and envisoned by the Founders).

And that’s why the virus is mutating into a totalitarian dictatorship, into rule of, by, and for the eggheads. It’s not the fault of the Red Chinese. It’s our fault. We allow them to rule us.

If you truly love liberty, or even if you just want competent people in charge, now is the time to make your voice heard. If these people seize power for good, America may disappear forever.

By: Gen Z Conservative