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To Inspire Others, You Must Be an Open Conservative

The left wants you to hide your conservative identity. It wants you to be afraid to mention your opinion on whatever the issue of the day is- gun control, abortion, crime and policing, racism, etc.

In fact, their entire playbook is premised on your remaining silent. It’s only when no conservatives speak up, other than the few pundits and journalists that always do, that the left can use propagandistic messaging to convince Americans that leftist goals are “moderate” and can ramble on without looking like a complete fool to the average Joe.

Take abortion, for example. If you’re in a college classroom or other bastion of leftist thought, then it’s highly likely that almost everyone will be referring to the mass murder of babies (most of them non-white babies) as “women’s healthcare” or “reproductive rights.” Imagine how insane that is; they’re calling the murder of a baby “healthcare,” or, yet worse, a “right.” Apparently, infanticide is now just as much a right, or perhaps even more of one, than the right to hold and maintain one’s property!

Such absurdity would not survive long if conservatives spoke up. All it takes is a brave few to raise their hands and speak out, showing the insanity that is leftist thought. Infanticide is murder, not “moderate” policy. Most people snap out of thinking it’s “moderate,” once you point out the evil, bloody nature of what they’re actually talking about.

Speaking out, being an open conservative and fighting for conservative values, is the only way to shed light on the many errors inherent in leftist thought.

If you remain silent, they’ll be able to get away with it. They can pretend their goals are “moderate” and continue to advance more and more radical policies.

But, if you speak up, if you start shining the bright light of truth on the ridiculousness of their plots and evil intent of their policy prescriptions, they fade away, or at least start to moderate themselves and push for slightly less insane policies.

Sure, it doesn’t always work. Abortion and gun control will be two topics that always turn into verbal recreations of the battles of Verdun and Passchendaele, for example. But, generally, leftists will start to back down and moderate themselves once we openly fight back.

Even better, it’s only by fighting back and being open conservatives that we can bring converts to our side. No one wants to join a gang of cowards. Conservatives, when they remain silent and keep themselves hidden are, in fact, cowards.

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That’s why fewer and fewer people seemed to be joining our movement before Trump; it wasn’t that our goals- limited government, law and order, a strong military, traditional values- are unpopular. They’re quite popular in many different demographics.

The problem was that no one was defending those goals with vigor; weak RINOs of the Romney mold slunk away like beaten dogs every time the opportunity for a verbal battle presented itself.

The GOP politicos preferred to sit idly by as the left destroyed the country, fearing being called a “fascist” or “racist” for defending family values more than they feared what the left would do to the country. Seeing that weakness, no one wanted to be a Republican. If those elected and paid to defend conservatism wouldn’t, why should private citizens?

Trump changed things because he was an open conservative. He never backed down, never shut up, and never apologized. He was willing to walk toward the fire, as Breitbart said to do.

Whatever the issue, Trump fought for the platform he ran on. And huge numbers of new Republicans voted for him as a result. Others followed him because he was brave and obviously believed what he said; no one follows the RINOs because they’re miserable, lying cowards that refuse to hold the line.

Be like Trump, not the RINOs. Be an open conservative and fight for conservative values at every turn. Never remain silent. Never compromise. Never give in.

By: Gen Z Conservative