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Musk: “I Am Against Forcing People to be Vaccinated”

Elon Musk has become one of the most on-the-nose defenders of American values recently.

Whether it’s because he comes from South Africa and can see the blessings of liberty better than native-born Americans, because his role as a business leader, or simply because of temperament, Musk is one that has been willing to stand up for freedom and against the insane left when few others are.

No matter whether he’s slamming Bernie Sanderstaking down Lying Liz Warrenchanneling Milton Friedman, or otherwise hammering the left, he can put things in an easily digestible way that shows the horrid nature of the anti-freedom left and define American values.

Most recently, he did so when he came out against forced vaccination, calling it un-American.

Specifically, Musk had this to say when speaking with TIME magazine during an interview as TIME’s Man of the Year:

“I believe the science is unequivocal, I treat it to that effect. But by the same token I am against forcing people to be vaccinated.

You know I think this is just not something we should do in America. I think we should encourage people to get vaccinated, strongly try and convince them to be vaccinated, but not force them to be vaccinated.

Or for example, force them to get vaccinated or get fired”

Watch him say so here:

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That take is probably one of the best that’s currently percolating through the public. Pro-science (real science, not “the science” as represented by Dr. Fauci) and anti-tyranny probably sums up how most Americans feel and could be the best path forward, especially if feeble-minded, diminutive tyrants like Fauci get out of the way.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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