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Meme of the Day: MSNBC’s New Garbage Truck Design

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit tired of the Waste Management truck design. I’m sure it’s effective and all, for WM seems to be a well-run company, but their aesthetics need an upgrade. Even the garbage trucks gotta look good, and the current ones ain’t cutting it.

Luckily for all the garbage disposal services out there, we finally have a new design, and not a moment too soon: the MSNBC news van. I mean, that reprehensible propaganda outlet does little other than spew out garbage, so it’s gotta know what truck design works best, right?

Let’s do a quick recap of the MSNBC over the past few days:

Before the Rittenhouse verdict was released, back when the jurors were still deliberating (and probably trying to work up the courage to stand up to the BLM and Antifa mob outside the courthouse), MSNBC sent a van to track the juror bus and find out where they were staying. For “mostly peaceful” reasons, I’m sure.

Then, when the jury finally acquitted Mr. Rittenhouse, MSNBC claimed in a ridiculous statement that the verdict was designed to “protect white conservatives who kill.” Well, I suppose so, if “in self-defense after being bashed in the head with a skateboard and chased around by handgun toting felons and pedos” is added to the end of the sentence. But added it was not because MSNBC is garbage.

And because it’s a garbage network, it also compared Rittenhouse to the Columbine killers. Because self-defense, in their eyes, is the same as shooting up a high school. A garbage take from a garbage network.

Oh, and then a few days later, a black nationalist smashed his (or was it stolen?) SUV into a mostly white Christmas parade. MSNBC, rather than reacting with horror to the anti-white terror attack, blamed the SUV and referred to the terror attack as an “accident.” Once again, MSNBC is garbage.

And, last example, but certainly not the least among these, NBC, part of the same company as MSNBC, said to find an alternative to turkey and invite fewer guests for Thanksgiving dinner. Eat your Thanksgiving hotdog alone, peasant! Garbage recommendations from a garbage company.

It’s no wonder that their desperate attempts to cover for Brandon’s failing administration aren’t working. Americans might not always be the smartest tools in the shed, as one of my friends used to say, but they’re smart enough to realize that the media idiots are lying to them. They can, at the very least, recognize garbage when they see (or smell) it.

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And with MSNBC and its corporate partners,  the garbage is very seeable and smellable. It reeks to high heaven so badly that it would even be cruel to toss it on de Blasio’s yard.

So, all you waste disposal companies out there- if you need a new truck design, just copy from the very best garbage producers out there, the fools, frauds, and firebrands over at MSNBC!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.