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“Moving On”: Is Musk Giving Up on His Twitter Takeover? His Recent Tweet Got Patriots Worried

This morning, April 24th, Musk tweeted out something that has many patriots and Americans that stand against Twitter censorship and for the free internet concerned. Posting one short tweet without context, Musk just said “moving on.”

Then, for hours afterward, Musk just left it there and didn’t say anything else. Thanks, Elon. Stephen Crowder’s website, Louder with Crowder, summed up how confused many were at the time of the tweet, saying:

This tweet was sent on Sunday morning. And if you’re confused, join the club. Musk had announced on Thursday that he had secured the funding to buy the company. It was presented to Wall Street firms on Friday, and Wall Street liked what they saw. Not only did Musk show that he was serious in his offer, but some firms believed he could actually turn the Big Tech company profitable. This is how we left things on Friday.

Saturday happened. Then Sunday, Musk wakes up and says he’s “moving on.” It was on a Saturday when Musk first decided to turn down an offer for a seat on the board of directors.

There is a chance Musk is talking about something else. Or he’s trolling. If either is the case, it would be stupid. Like I said before, he knows what message tweeting “moving on” would send. Tweeting that if he means something else could damage his potential takeover.

All that’s to say, people got stressed out about what Elon meant, and rightly so. He’s a bit…eccentric, after all, and it seemed very possible that he could just move on, or that the elite was pushing back against him so hard that he just couldn’t make it happen and had to move on.

Fortunately, however, the speculation that Elon might just be trolling and moving on from something else proved correct; Elon later let us know that he was actually just moving on from making fun of Bill Gates for looking gross and being a hypocrite:

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For those who don’t know what he’s talking about, here it is.

The tweet was a funny troll, but it sure got people’s blood pressure high and shows that, despite having the proper inclination on what to do about certain things, Elon is a tough ally to stick with because he can be a bit volatile and eccentric. Still, however, he might be our only hope for a free internet, even if he can be a bit odd or a bit of a troll at times.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.