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Moaning Joe Scarborough Mocks DeSantis’ Fans: We’d Like You to Meet the Fans of Morning Joe.

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Scarborough devoted much of his opening segment to attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his Covid stance. At one point, after playing a clip of DeSantis’s remarks on the subject, Scarborough referenced an ignorant Simpsons character, mocking:

“I mean, who was he talking to? Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel?”

Watch the video below.

That’s apparently how Scarborough sees his fellow Floridians who support DeSantis. 

Since Joe Scarborough’s favorite villain, President Trump, left office, the Morning Joe audience is plummeting faster than Joe Biden’s IQ. However, it remains extremely enlightened and sophisticated.

Meet some of the devoted fans of Morning Joe:

  • Here are the fans of Morning Joe demonstrating deep knowledge of history.

Here are fans of Morning Joe explaining why the voting laws are racist.  Watch till the end to see how African Americans react.

See if you can follow this Joe Scarborough fan’s theory on gender.

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These Morning Joe generous fans are pitching in to support Hamas.

Here are the smartest members of the Morning Joe’s audience “following the science” by explaining that thinking is a dumb idea.

And finally, here is Joe Scarborough’s biggest fan.

In conclusion, if you are Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel who pays attention to Ron DeSantis, here is the Florida Governor’s latest roundtable on Covid that he conducts regularly with members of his medical team.

However, if you are an enlightened fan of Morning Joe, don’t miss Joe Biden’s update on Covid.

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