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Morning Joe: A Study in Pictures – The Media Biden Rehab Begins

Remember the “mostly peaceful protests” that turned several US cities into an inferno last year? Don Lemon was very much in favor of them – until “it started showing up in the polling.” Here is Don Lemon calling “for the rioting to stop” – not because riots caused billions of dollars worth of damage, but because too many CNN viewers discovered that burning cities was kind of a bad idea.

American media finds death and mayhem completely acceptable when it feeds into the progressive narrative. For example, school shootings make good television because they mobilize gun confiscation activists. The commotion does not last long, but the media has a chance to show you how much they care about gun crime victims. Unless, of course, the gun crime victims are murdered by illegal criminals – these victims are not worth the attention of MSNBC.

Similarly, every “unarmed black victim” of “police brutality” takes up prime real estate on CNN, because it feeds into the “police are hunting down young black men” narrative. However, hundreds of unarmed black victims killed by drug gangs are buried without so much as an honorable mention.

The list of dead bodies exploited by the mainstream media is endless, and so is the list of dead bodies that are getting ignored. Case in point: here is Joe Scarborough openly admitting that he does not mind seeing American soldiers killed in Afghanistan because “that is not going to be an issue that is going to be driving voters in 2022:”

While Morning Joe’s remaining 200 or so viewers are just figuring out that they surrendered their security to a man who has trouble staying awake for a 20-minute public event, their deranged news host is telling them that the issue at hand is not the security of this country, but winning the 2022 elections. And that, according to Morning Joe, will be a piece of cake, because the dumb American voters will soon forget the corpses lying in the streets of Kabul. Well, maybe some military veterans will remember them – but you can’t expect much from the neo-Nazis ( according to a VICE publication.)

According to Joe Scarborough, “Joe Biden did what 75% of Americans wanted him to do.”

If you are one of the Morning Joe’s viewers who wanted Joe Biden to abandon thousands of people in Afghanistan, leaving them to die at the hands of the sadistic terrorist killers, I have some videos you will enjoy:

Here are people falling off planes trying to escape the terrorists that the Biden administration surrendered to:

Here are Afghan women handing their babies over to the American troops because the Biden administration left them at the mercy of the terrorist killers:

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Here are corpses caused by a terrorist attack made possible by the Biden administration:

Yes Scarborough, If only more people knew how soon Joe Biden would fulfill their wish of drowning Afghanistan in the blood of women and children, “the most popular President in history” would’ve gotten a lot more than 80 million mostly legal mail-in votes.

And that is just fine with Morning Joe who is predicting that the Afghanistan catastrophe “is not going to hurt Joe Biden politically down the road.” Joe Scarborough, who made his last correct political prediction on the day AOC passed the Harvard entrance exam, thinks that every American voter will forget the most humiliating surrender in US history the minute they receive their government assistance check. Afghanistan story is just “a low point of Biden’s presidency,” after all. Joe Scarborough never tells you how each one of the Biden “low points” will continue to wreak havoc in America for decades to come.

Morning Joe wants you to believe that millions of illegal immigrants that are pouring across the southern border are just going to become your next-door neighbors proudly flying BLM flags.

Morning Joe wants you to believe that skyrocketing inflation is just a small price to pay for “higher wages.”

Morning Joe wants you to believe that Joe Biden did not just set the war on terror progress back 20 years:

“Experts warned the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, in the wake of Joe Biden’s withdrawal, has put the global terror threat at its highest point in 20 years. Reports mentioned the likelihood of an al Qaeda resurgence was high and noted with Afghanistan under Taliban control, the terror group has room to begin planning attacks again.”

MSNBC pays Joe Scarborough big money to make sure that “[Afghanistan] story will fade away from the headline. We’ll be talking about something else next year.”

Before American heroes are buried, Morning Joe will be screaming from your TV screen about a new dumpster fire fake narrative of his own creation. There is plenty of material already in the pipeline: Nancy Pelosi’s sham commission investigating “right-wing conspiracy” that did not occur on January 6; white supremacy behind Ron DeSantis’ campaign slogans; or Donald Trump killing people by appearing maskless outside Mar-a-Lago.

Unfortunately for Morning Joe, this is the image that will never disappear from the minds of the American voters: the image of a person who failed at his job.

Here is a picture of another person who failed at his job:

 RWR original article syndication source.