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There’s More Tyranny Now than Under King George

Although I certainly embrace the memory of the Founding Fathers, as all good patriots should, I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that their revolt against the crown was a bit of an overreaction. A revolt because of a relatively small tax? Really? Even if you really hated taxation without representation, deciding to fight a war against one of the world’s greatest powers seems a bit on the “bold” side.

Yes, I understand that there was more to it than that. The Coming of the Revolution is a great study into what actually caused the American Revolution, for those that want to learn.

But, still, when their situation is compared to the modern-day, the Founders seem to have gone to war over what would now be termed a trifle.

Take the issue of taxes. While they weren’t the main cause of the Revolution, they were still a major issue. And what was the effective tax rate against which our Founders fought? A fraction of a percent. In England, regarded at the time as taxed oppressively, the figure was closer to eleven percent. And in modern America? The average tax rate is close to 15% and is much, much higher for the most successful. It’ll skyrocket even higher if Biden gets his way on taxes.

So, from a purely economic standpoint, there’s far more tyranny via taxation now than in the colonies, we’re paying over 15x what they were, and to a government that’s far less competent! While we have our nominal “representation,” at least in the non-fraudulent elections, I have the feeling they’d still be a bit pissed and might have trouble restraining the militias and minutemen.

Yet worse are the actual policies of our government. Take the so-called Intolerable Acts, which might have been the final spark that led to war. Those acts closed the port of Boston, placed Massachusetts under the direct control of Great Britain, removed the ability of the colonists to try British officers in the colonies, and allowed royal governors to quarter troops in the homes of the colonists. The result was a years-long war that cost Britain most of a continent.

Are we any freer today? Is our government any less tyrannical? Hardly.

While Slow Joe isn’t quartering troops in our homes, we are forced to pay absurd taxes for an ineffective military that hasn’t won a war in this century.

I’m not sure the exact details of what’s happening in the port areas of Boston, but the tyrannical government locked down pretty much every American for weeks on end because of a strain of the flu. Some cities still are locked down, crushed under the tyrant’s heel.

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Our federalist system, a key ingredient of the system we’re supposed to have, has been done away with, replaced by a seemingly omnipresent national government that spies on its citizens, dictates the policies of their state governments, allows bureaucrats to run wild with expansive diktats, and places each of us under the jackboots of the Washington boys.

Oh, and our military’s brass might be “tried” here, but that never happens. No one is held accountable for losing wars, letting readiness drop to extremely hazardous levels, or mismanaging every acquisition program. Even Milley’s treason has gone unpunished. They might as well be tried by the Brits.

The point isn’t that the Founders shouldn’t have revolted. Quite the contrary; they were right to do so. Rather, it’s that, by their standards, not a single sword in the republic should be sheathed right now.

Feckless, tyrannical bureaucrats have crushed the liberty we Americans are supposed to hold dear in a manner that is far, far more contemptible and evil than the crown in the 1770s. They’re pushing CRT on us, erasing our culture, diminishing our rights, and attacking our freedoms. They pilfer our paychecks, crush the freedom-loving opposition, and are even waging a war on truth.

The Founders are rolling over in their graves. It’s time to start standing up to tyranny.

By: Gen Z Conservative