More of Elizabeth Warren’s Lies

more of Elizabeth Warren's lies
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My Take

It should be obvious to everyone by now that Elizabeth Warren is a constant liar. In fact, pretty much every single one of the Democratic candidates is. Beto the criminal (who recently dropped out) continually spreads gun control lies. The truth about Bernie Sanders is that he and his agenda are both shams. Joe Biden is corrupt, and probably is lying about what his son Hunter really did in Ukraine; he certainly can’t be trusted. But, Elizabeth Warren goes above and beyond all of them in her lies. Now, with the new revelations about her lying about her son going to public school (he really went to a private one), there are more of Elizabeth Warren’s lies.

Public School, Private School, and More of Elizabeth Warren’s Lies

For those of you that haven’t heard about Warren’s recent scandal, here’s what happened. In a recent meeting, Warren said her son went to a public school when he was growing up. Her intention was most likely to convince others that the public school system isn’t failing millions of our school children. Turns out, unsurprisingly, that he really went to a private one.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with private school. I went to one, as did many of my friends. In places with awful public schools, it can make sense to send your kids there. Also, they epitomize the capitalist idea of consent.

But, the problem is that Elizabeth Warren was lying, yet again. And, she was doing so to cover up for a failing government program; the school system.

America’s School System is Failing

Now, why are the schools failing? A variety of reasons. Overly liberal students and professors. Funding meant for students that ends up being diverted towards pensions for teachers’ unions. And, of course, their failure is highlighted by having to compete with private schools and charter schools; private always beats public, even in education.

Why was Warren Lying?

And that brings us to our final point, why was Warren lying about where her son went to school? Why are there more of Elizabeth Warren’s lies?

Well, as I see it, she acutely understands how many Americans are starting to wake up and see Democratic tyranny and hypocrisy. If Warren, a lifetime academic and political hack, can send her kids to a better school, then why can’t hardworking Americans do the same?

Ordinarily, that question wouldn’t pose a problem; she could just revert to being a capitalist and say it’s because she made more money. And that would work. But, Warren is a socialist, so she has to support increased government programs.

If she doesn’t. she looks like a hypocrite. Also, she has been a huge proponent of public schools and public medicine. Since she wants to slash private options for ordinary Americans through Medicare for All, isn’t it a bit hypocritical if she doesn’t use those public options voluntarily?

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It should be no surprise to anyone that we are seeing more of Elizabeth Warren’s lies. But, it should be concerning. It should also make you apprehensive. The Democrats are already using impeachment to cover up their failures of candidates. If those candidates keep getting worse and worse through their lies and blunders, isn’t it reasonable to expect the Democrats will go to ever more desperate lengths to attack Trump and cover up their failures? I certainly think so.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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