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Save The Republic: More Local Government, Less Federal Government

The Death Throes of the Federal Republic

The Dissolution of Federalism and the return to the original Confederation of States format is a program that is underway whether we realize it or not.  It certainly was not planned by the simple people. (globalists)

The domination of our citizens is much more easily attained by a strong central government edifice than by a fractionalized system of confederation. Physical and emotional distance from Washington D.C. has created a feeling of impotence amongst our citizens.  The doings of D.C. are often unknown and mysterious, and on their face uninteresting. What has become relevant however is the growing awareness by our political masters that Federal and local laws can be ignored without any successful retribution from the citizenry.  Some of us realize that the sword cuts both ways.

All that is necessary today to dominate nationwide is having the money to hire the appropriate politicians.  This has been shown over the past 25 years regarding various politically unpopular edicts that the citizens find abhorrent.  Those politically unpopular laws have been purchased by various interest groups or individuals. 

Citizens have used their local political rights to approve a good law or throw out a nasty one.  The mask ordinances are quite an amusing example in their restrictive mode.  The politicians play hide and seek behind the masks while the peons scramble to obey.

The first inkling of this situation became apparent with local unwillingness to submit to gun restrictions, which became a trend in several states. In many Colorado counties, for example, the local sheriff has declined to enforce the new state gun law requirements.  This was the beginning of the realization that nullification of unpopular state laws by local deplorables was possible.

The other significant example is of course the cities or states ignoring Federal law by creating amnesty states or cities to allow illegal aliens to reside there.  The cities will not assist Federal immigration officials in even holding prisoners with outstanding Federal warrants.  Apparently, the D.C. toads did not really mean what they legislated regarding immigration and are two cowardly to repeal them above board.  The real problem is that the effects of illegal immigration are felt across the country, not just in California or New York or Texas.

The cities of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis will not allow police to stop rioters or looters in the streets.  Citizens lose their business and monies as insurance does not cover destruction due to civil disturbance.  San Francisco will not prosecute theft of less than $950 and thugs are back on the street within hours after an assault.  Businesses and citizens are moving out of these cities to the safety of the suburbs and voting with their feet.

The San Francisco situation is the result of the fifteen anarchists who were elected by the contributions from George Soros and are the district attorneys responsible for enforcing the local laws regarding property or safety.  Is there any limit on what will they do for money?  What is their goal as they empty out the jails?

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Importantly, the D.C. government itself no longer enforces its’ own laws among its’ own brethren. Hillary Clinton’s computer was never prosecuted.  Lying to Congress by the CIA and FBI has been ignored.  Nancy Pelosi’s financial advisor husband invested in the market just before new regulations were announced by the feds.  He made millions for himself and his clients. This corruption symbolizes where we are in relation to our government.  D.C. has invoked a plan for self-enrichment through your indentured servitude.

Which laws will be enforced on the backs of the citizenry?  Who will pay the financial and social costs of either enforcing law or ignoring primitives that break the law?

Does the above piece seem unorganized?  Of course, it does!  That is really the whole point.  Our governments, local and national, are totally erratic concerning which laws will or can be enforced.  This attitude makes it much easier to ignore or subsidize protests.

The basis of all government is safety for its’ citizens. For this service, we relinquish personal freedoms for our protection.  The Federal system was widely successful on a financial basis for the short term until the tariffs of the 1800’s pitted one region against another.  Until the advent of the new puritan socialism, we continued our growth.  The ability to dictate the actions and thought of the citizen is the nadir of freedom of expression of various types.

What do the examples listed have to do with our future?  It appears that a huge and varied country has a need for local administration, not Federal.  Federalism stands for the advancement of corruption and tyranny and graft of government.  The size of the D.C. toad is self-explanatory.

Try to get personally in touch with your Senator or Congressman in D.C.  It is only possible if you are a large donor or a political operative.  Does North Dakota want to stop the Keystone pipeline?  No, because it provides safe and inexpensive petroleum transport and funds for the state.  Washington wants to control it because Warren Buffett owns a lot of empty rail tank cars that need filling.  Coincidentally, our politicians have a lot of pockets that are also empty.

The only chance we have to control our future is local control of our government.  While the county councils are certainly corrupt, they are much more easily exposed and controlled in the smalltown arena.  Since we are not sure  which laws are going to be enforced either nationally or locally, we should be able to vote on those which affect us locally thus creating some control nationally.

The concept of the Federal Government is a consistent law and its’ enforcement across the country. If these laws are not enforced, then they and the government are not necessary and should be defunded.

There will be no fence around City Hall!

The Madame

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, where this article originally appeared, and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.