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Modern Socialists and Capitalism

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My Take on Modern Socialists and Capitalism:

Not that long ago, I wrote about how modern socialists don’t understand socialism. I’ve also written about Millenials and capitalism and how that age group doesn’t really seem to understand what true capitalism is. As modern socialists of all ages seem to think that socialism is some utopian force for good, Millenials think capitalism is a shady force of evil. They think of the post-2008 crisis bank boardrooms rather than the true capitalism that Milton Friedman defends in Capitalism and Freedom and Hayek defends in The Road to Serfdom. That got me thinking, what is the relationship between modern socialists and capitalism?

Modern socialists and capitalism have a very “memeable” relationship. As the image at the top implies, they have a tendency to use capitalism’s best creations while at the same time damning it as absolutely evil. Who can forget the picture of the German socialist taking a selfie with his iPhone as he protested against capitalism?

That relationship between modern socialists and capitalism shows that modern socialists don’t really understand what capitalism is. Funnily enough, they also don’t understand what socialism is or how wealth redistribution works. They’re a poorly informed group, in my opinion.

So, in my opinion, the only solution is to educate them on what socialism is and what capitalism is.

Point out that everything good in their lives is a product of capitalism. The technology they enjoy, the lattes they consume, and the clothes they wear are all products of the wonderful system of capitalism. Without the system that they hate so much, not a single one of those products would exist. Or at least they wouldn’t exist in their relatively cheap and available current form.

Socialism kills. Capitalism builds. Remind them of that so they remember that socialism always fails and is an evil system based on force, whereas capitalism leads to better lives for everyone and is a system based on consent.

I firmly believe that if we educate modern socialists on what capitalism is, then they will begin to turn away from socialism. We just have to do the hard work of educating them. It won’t be easy, but it will certainly be worth it. Just think of all the money saved by not having to pay for socialist tax schemes and confiscatory levels of wealth redistribution. And the only cost is educating a few historically illiterate Millenials. That’s a wonderful tradeoff!

By: Gen Z Conservative