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China is Buying up U.S. Farmland at a Record Pace

A dual foundation has assured rampant American prosperity: Cheap land, expensive labor. With the advent of the Immigration Act of 1965 authored by Sen....

Pelosi’s Sham ‘Insurrection’ Hearing: Let the Lying Begin

Within the first five minutes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sham insurrection hearing, it became obvious the Fascist Democrats, eager for Trump blood, had...

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Disney’s Summer Spectacular, Jungle Cruise, Arrives in Theaters on Friday and With a Dollop of Controversy

Disney’s Jungle Cruise arrives in theaters this Friday following a year-long pandemic-related delay. Set in the 1900s in the genre of action /adventure/ Fantasy and shot...

UFOs: What’s All the Fuss About?

Leading up to the coming of the world’s last and worst dictator, a time of strong delusion will prevail across the globe. By the...

Land Reform and Farm Murders in South Africa: The Untold Story of the Boers and the ANC

South African farm murders have long been a niche cause on the Internet, and the country has made headlines again due to a South...

Made Of Clay, Or Made Of Steel? Building Character And Fortitude During Trying Times

While watching the trials and tribulations that currently confront our country, I am reminded of my own struggles, and I have concluded that we...

Dems’ Solution To Fixing Schools? Lower The Bar… For Both Students And Teachers

It’s a natural progression. For those of us on the right, the approach is insanity; a recipe for disaster. But for our friends on...


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