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Mitch the RINO’s Retreat Shows Why You Can’t Trust Conservative, Inc.

Trump, as usual, is right. Mitch the RINO’s retreat over the budget issue is going to help the Democrats destroy the country. It’s one of the most despicable acts of RINO cowardice in memory and, if Mitch the RINO doesn’t change course and decide to stand for conservatism, then Democrats might be able to hammer the final nail into America’s coffin.

The current budget issue is over the debt ceiling and whether Democrats will be able to push through a massive “human infrastructure” bill that would spend trillions of dollars on the full suite of leftist causes.

With it, Democrats will succeed in not only indebting our children’s children’s children and emptying America’s coffers, but also in their attempts to radically transform America.

If they get their way, the average, taxpaying American will have the millstone of an onerous debt burden hung around his neck in perpetuity and receive nothing of value in exchange. In fact, the very things the money is to be spent on would likely make his life worse!

So, real conservatives have been demanding that their representatives in the Senate stand up to the looney leftists and fight for what’s right, stopping this malicious bill even if it means shutting down the federal government. You see, the Senate would need to raise the debt ceiling limit for the government to spend any more money, or even to continue operations as normal without massive cutbacks on spending. McConnell theoretically holds all the leverage. If he and the GOP caucus don’t back down, then the government will have to shut down and budget cuts will have to happen at long last.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that Mitch the RINO and his merry band of Chamberlain-like leftist appeasers won’t stand up for what’s right. They won’t stand up for their descendants that will be bankrupted by the leftist plan, won’t stand up for their nation and its coffers, and won’t stand up for those they theoretically represent.

Instead, they’re planning on backing down; Mitch offered the Democrats a temporary suspension of the debt ceiling limit.

And there goes all of our leverage. In offering them a way out, Mitch showed that he doesn’t have the balls to engage in hard-fought political battles and that he wants things to go smoothly in the short term, however bad the after-effects might be in the long term, much more than he wants to advance conservative principles. Like Halifax and Chamberlain before him, he’d rather surrender and gradually lose all power than ever stand up, do the brave thing, and fight.

Such a stance is untenable. “You cannot reason with a tiger while it holds your head in its mouth!”

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Mitch didn’t have to stick his head in the tiger’s (or should I say donkey’s) mouth. He didn’t have to hand over his leverage, giving in and blinking before his opponents, the enemies of America.

But he did. Because he’s a coward. Because he’s a RINO.

This is just the latest example of why you can’t trust Conservative, Inc.

Losers like Mitch the RINO, Jonah Goldberg the weak on everything coward, and the Lincoln Project child-diddlers pretend that they’re “principled conservatives” that fight for their “deeply held values,” but really they’re just cowards that back down at the first sign of danger.

They don’t want to win, they don’t want to push forward conservative values, they just want to be court jester conservatives that feel morally superior but never have to actually fight.

So no, you can’t trust the silk-stockinged RINOs that drone endlessly about their principles. They, like Halifax and Chamberlain, will always choose to back down when the going gets tough.

Who can you trust? The knife fighters. The real men. Trump, Bannon, Stephen Miller, Victor Davis Hanson, Kurt Schlicter, and all the other irreverent, sometimes uncouth, and always fighting conservative. They don’t back down. They’re okay with being hated. So, unlike Mitch the RINO and his disgustingly weak gang of cowards, they’ll fight for you.

Bannon would never offer Dems a way out of the debt problem imposed on them by their own spendthrift policies. VDH would never go along to get along with the cultural Marxists that call for his head on a pike. Kurt Schlicter would never negotiate with those that fund and cheer on the Antifa goons.

Instead, real conservatives do what they’re supposed to. They fight! They, like me, have raised the black flag in the culture war fight and are ready to turn it into a total war.

We’re not looking for “win-win” solutions that really mean Republicans get railroaded and Democrats get everything they want. No, “I win. You lose.” are the only words a real conservative should ever say in negotiations with the radical leftists that would destroy our nation.

No mercy. No peace until the final victory. Just winning until, as Trump said, we get tired of winning.

That’s what we want, Republicans that will fight them and fight them now. We don’t want Mitch the RINO’s cowardice and abdication of responsibility.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.