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Meme: Miss Trump Yet?

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There aren’t really words with which I can describe how much I miss Trump. The mean tweets, the image of American strength he projected, the unapologetic embrace and defense of conservatism, the winning attitude, the hilarious jokes and nicknames, it was all so great. I expect many others feel the same.

Because you agree, and because it’s about impossible to put into words how much I think we all miss Trump right now, let me just say this: none of this would be happening if Trump were still in office.

If those RINOs and treasonous moderates had gotten off their high horses and voted for the man who was fighting to save the republic, then all of this tragedy could have been avoided. The Afghanistan pullout would have been done well. This nation wouldn’t still be in the throes of Covid response-induced chaos. China wouldn’t be ready or willing to strike us and Taiwan. The economy would have recovered.

But none of that has happened. Instead, we’re embarrassed abroad and humiliated at home as our senile POTUS acts far more like a rotting POTATO and chaos follows.

Oh how I miss Trump.

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