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Milton Friedman on Government Programs

The Quote by Milton Friedman on Government Programs

“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” -Milton Friedman on Government Programs

My Take on this Milton Friedman Quote

Government programs tend to stick around longer than they should. Initially declared “temporary,” they become entrenched parts of that vast bureaucracy that we all despise but continue to allow to exist. They sap tax dollars from important programs and spend those dollars frivolously, aren’t focused on important causes, and never end, as you could probably gather from the above quote by Milton Friedman on government programs.

FDR’s TVA, for example, still exists! A program, meant to modernize a rural part of the South and employ people left unemployed by the Great Depression, is still spending your tax dollars like a sailor on shore leave!

That’s ridiculous. “Why?” You might ask. Why is it ridiculous that that program still exists, couldn’t it be useful? It’s ridiculous that it exists because if it hasn’t accomplished its mission in the past 70 years, it’s never going to accomplish it. Privatize its mission and move on.

But, of course, the government will never do that. As said in this quote by Milton Friedman on government programs, those inefficient and useless government programs will continue to soldier on, year after year, forever.

That fact, expressed so succinctly and well in this quote by Milton Friedman on government programs, is one that every American should keep in mind right now. We’re seeing the creation of an unprecedented number of government programs and an utterly unfathomable amount of government spending to deal with the Chinese flu.

Nancy Pelosi, as we’ve all seen, wants to entrench those programs in the bureaucracy so that the absurd amounts of unemployment checks they deliver will keep being delivered for eternity. She wants to put people out of work and then pay those same former workers more to not work then they made working! That’s all just a ploy to increase the public’s dependence on the government and bribe voters, of course, but it’s on that we need to be on the lookout for.

We conservatives can’t let that happen. Government spending drains the economy of precious resources, leads to inflation, and is a tax on current and future generations. Listen to this quote by Milton Friedman on government programs. Read his book, Capitalism and Freedom, and learn about the utopia that would be created by unfettered capitalism. And, above all else, help fight against the ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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