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Humor: Milley’s New Uniform

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This meme, to me, is a bit like the one about the Biden-proof corn maze (an empty field). It’s funny, but sad because it’s true and shows the utter collapse of the traditional bastions of the American government’s legitimacy.

We’ve had bad presidents before, but none so bad that they were regarded by a significant fraction of America as utterly demented. Sure, they might have made terrible policy decisions (looking at you every post-Reagan president other than Trump), enlarged the government while limiting liberty (every president since Coolidge), or generally mishandled things that my neighbor could almost certainly have handled competently. But at least they had brains. Not Joe.

Similarly, Milley is a disgrace to his uniform unlike any American officer since Benedict Arnold. While Milley hasn’t met a war he can’t lose, the same could be said about the rest of the modern consultant generals that act more like BCG bozos than warfighters. But never before, or at least not since Benedict Arnold, have we seen such a high-ranking officer commit treason. Milley literally sided with China over his homeland. He’s a terrible, terrible person. And not only that, but he’s pushing CRT, anti-white racism, on the troops. This man is attacking the morale of those who volunteered to defend the nation and did his best to help China prepare to kill them.

So, yes, it’s fun to laugh at Milley. But it’s sad, so sad, that this is the point we’ve come to. We have a demented President and a China-loving head of the Joint Chiefs. Thanks to Democrats, America is a disaster zone right now.

By: Gen Z Conservative