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The Decline and Fall of America’s Military: The Last Sacred Institution is Collapsing

The faith that ordinary Americans have in their government has been degrading precipitously since the 1950s. Congress, the Executive Branch (tarnished severely by the repeated abuses of both LBJ and Richard Nixon), the courts, the bureaucratic agencies, the media…all of it has collapsed into near-single digit approval ratings.

Like Rome at the time of its fall, we view the faltering power wielded by our government not with awe and respect but with equal measures of disgust with its impotence and hatred for what tyrannies it is still able to inflict.

The courts uphold bad policies while keeping leftists out of jail and locking up conservatives.

The police can’t be bothered with halting the predations of the savages that set the nation alight for months on end, but they sure can arrest you for smoking pot or give you a $500 fine for speeding, and that’s before they’re ordered to confiscate your guns.

Meanwhile, the entire executive branch (with the exception of Trump and a few of his more faithful advisors) incompetently pursues an unpopular, globalist agenda. Congress sits around and bickers before spending trillions of dollars we don’t have on projects we don’t need or want. The entire government apparatus, since the Progressive Era but accelerating after the 50s, has been a failure; Americans have justly lost faith in it.

The one exception has been the military. While it lost some of its luster during the Vietnam War, it recovered that prestige during the Reagan Revolution. The newly rebuilt military, pumped up by a few easy wins in Grenada, Nicaragua, and the Gulf and boosted in the eyes of the public by Tom Clancy’s novels, was the one institution we had faith in.

Despite the failures of Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, despite the monumental waste of the Pentagon and the lack of vision of those heading it, Americans maintained their faith in the military. Rightly or wrongly, they believed that it was still an impartial, non-partisan guardian of the republic.

All it took was the election of Slow Joe to dash those hopes against the rocks, perhaps forever.

While the military behaved poorly under Trump, fighting his calls to pull out of forever wars in the Middle East and refusing to deal with the riots that rocked the nation, it didn’t appear irredeemable.

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Then came Biden and his woke parody of the Marian reforms. The famously bickering services united to slander a talk show host, Tucker Carlson (but, as is their tendency nowadays, they were defeated). They purged the military in Stalinist fashion, constantly attacking conservatives. Then they partnered with the CIA to release a spate of woke ads…I’m sure Xi and Putin trembled at the prospect of fighting Jack Reacharound and his merry band of critical theorists. Oh, and they added How to Be an Antiracist to the reading list for officers.

But still, some hoped the military was redeemable. Gen. Milley proved them wrong.

You’ve likely seen the video already but, in case not, here it is:

In it, after flying off the handle at the suggestion that those indoctrinated with CRT are “woke,” General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, defends teaching CRT to America’s soldiers. In his words:

“I want to understand white rage…

I do want to know [about critical race theory]. And it matters to the discipline and cohesion of this military.”

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, one of the most powerful men in the military establishment, sat there and not only defending teaching CRT to America’s soldiers, but got angry at the suggestion that doing so wasn’t the best of ideas!

To be clear, CRT teaches that America’s laws are rooted in racism and that everyone is irredeemably racist. Furthermore, it teaches that the only solution to racist offenses in the past is to be racist in the present against those previously racist groups.

In effect, that means that Milley, in addition to wanting to teach soldiers about “white rage,” whatever that is, wants to teach them that they are racist and that, if they’re white, they should be the ritual, sacrificial victims to those who feel like their ancestors might have been oppressed. When he defends CRT, that is what he is defending. A nation cannot long survive if its troops are taught to hate themselves and their country.

And, thanks to that woke general, Americans have lost faith in their military. The last institution they trusted to behave honorably and objectively, eschewing partisanship and politics, is gone. It’s been replaced by a woke parody of a Western military, one that has all the bells and whistles of modern tech but that, rather than training warriors trains social justice warriors. The military has become yet another leftist institution.

You can say bye-bye to any remaining faith in America’s government.

By: Gen Z Conservative