January 16, 2021

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mexico is a failed state

Mexico is a Failed State


Last week I reviewed Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel. The majority of that book focused on the havoc cartels are wreaking across South America, especially Mexico. But, I didn’t talk about that as much because it’s old news. We’ve all heard about the armed cartel gunmen along the border. Then, last week, Sinaloa cartel gunmen seized a city in Mexico and terrorized it until the Mexican government set the cartel leader, El Chapo’s son, free. If the past violence isn’t enough to convince you that Mexico is a failed state, then that certainly should.

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That action, the Sinaloa cartel’s seizure of Culiacán, prompted Sumantra Maitra of The Federalist to write about how Mexico is a failed state. Its police can’t do their job, the army can’t restore order, and generally, its other institutions are failing. But that’s enough summary of Maitra’s argument about why Mexico is a failed state. I’ll let you read some of the outtakes from the article and decide for yourself. Enjoy!

Why Mexico is a Failed State

First, Maitra sets up what happened last week:

How would one categorize a nation-state whose army gives a drug baron’s son to cartel members after suffering brutal losses in pitched battles? The country whose firebrand leftist president apologized on television and said the army’s surrender to a drug cartel was the correct thing to do, because “we do not want war”?

From: Mexico is a Failed State

Next, Maitra describes the scene in vivid detail that basically (and I think correctly) paints Mexico as a Latin-American Somalia:

Cartel members surrounded the house and forced security to retreat. The army was called in after heavy violence, and even they were fought to a standstill…Sinaloa cartel members in armored cars, with anti-tank grenade launchers, and heavy machine guns patrolling the streets of Mexican cities. In short, the balance of power passed to the hands of drug gangs, militias, and cartel members, who rioted, freed prisoners, and humiliated the national government.”

From: Mexico is a Failed State

Finally, the absurdity and implications of the whole situation:

“Consider the implications. What does this mean for a country the size and geography of Mexico? A nation state is considered failed when there are parallel administrations and no central authority. For example, consider Antifa controlling Portland, or sanctuary cities where the local police have no power.

Imagine there was news of an Islamist terrorist, and the American National Guard and FBI went to capture him, only to be surrounded and forced to surrender, and the U.S. president then held a press conference explaining why it was a good thing to do to maintain national order. It is absurd to think of… Anarchy is worse than tyranny. The events in Mexico show that it is no longer an independent nation-state. Americans should know that they do not have a functioning nation-state across their southern border. And that should keep every sane person awake at night.”

From: Mexico is a Failed State


I think there’s only one conclusion that rational people could take away from this awful situation: Mexico is a failed state. How else could cartel thugs get away with terrorizing a city, bribing or killing politicians and judges, and transporting huge quantities of narcotics?

Border security is and has always been crucial for national security. It’s why we need a border wall. But that was when Mexico was an at least sem-functional state. Now it isn’t even that. US policy towards the country and region as a whole needs to be revamped with the recognition that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants and that illegal immigrants are destroying the fabric of our nation. Otherwise, we’ll just have more chaos across the border. And if we do nothing, then soon that violence and chaos might start spreading to here. We can’t let that happen.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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