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The Con of #MeToo: Trivializing the Real Victims in Search of Perceived Victimhood

Fox News:

“In a guest essay for the New York Times published Friday, former executive producer Shelley Ross wrote Cuomo squeezed the cheek of her buttock without her permission in 2005. She also produced an email where Cuomo appeared to admit to the incident and apologized for his behavior.”

Let me get this out of the way: I think Chris Cuomo is a corrupt journalistan insufferable snoba hypocrite, and an emotionally damaged human being.

With all that hanging over his head, I must admit that it really does not bother me that G-d’s gift to CNN had inappropriate contact with a woman at a party 20 years ago. What does bother me, however, is that the accuser, who apparently did not feel the incident was important enough to mention for 20 years, has now discovered that it caused her severe emotional trauma. What a self-righteous case of an attention deficit disorder.

Acolytes of The #MeToo movement established beyond any reasonable doubt that if a woman claims she has never been sexually harassed, assaulted, or in some way wronged by a man- she should check her birth certificate to make sure she is, in fact, a woman. Talk about an incentive for so many women in America to retrospectively review their high school yearbooks and past employment records to look for “offenders” that she might have missed. Since the #MeToo coven graced us with their presence, liberal women in America went through serious soul searching and found “traumatic experiences” they proudly documented on social media for months. They one-upped each other, graphically describing the pain they had gone through and the emotional damage they had overcome. Even if “the emotional damage” just surfaced while watching a  #MeToo CNN panel last night.

“Believe All Women” mantra is a twisted contradiction if ever there was one.

The Kavanaugh hearings brought us the concept previously unknown in philosophy: “HER truth.” THE truth does not matter. Demanding THE Truth makes you a women’s rights denier, and maybe even an abuser. What a woman feels is more important than what happened. How she feels is HER truth and she is entitled to it, no matter what the facts reveal. I assure you that real victims of sexual trauma do not just feel their facts, they live the real-world results of truth.

Since Christine Blasey Ford was hailed as an American hero for lying to Congress, hundreds of women “inspired” by the attention she got came out and accused famous people of horrendous things, ruining many lives and careers. Andrew Cuomo – the most prolific serial killer in American history – was brought down not by signing death warrants for thousands of people, but by unproven accusations of “boy behaving badly” behavior years ago.

The emergence of the #MeToo movement has damaged our daughters possibly beyond repair. Instead of teaching young girls to immediately report any case of sexual assault or harassment to the parents or authorities, #MeToo glorified victimhood, encouraging ruminating on adverse experiences, real or perceived, for years. That kind of response practically ensures that the real abusers are never brought to justice because uncovering, or proving, any wrongdoing decades later is almost impossible.

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And want about our sons? The left has even changed the definition of rape, now if a woman partakes in average partying and wakes up in their dorm bed with a college male they were making out with all night and then slept with, but now regrets – she can claim sexual assault as a #MeToo do-over! Falsely accusing a man of sexual abuse over a perceived romantic rejection or some supposed sin of collective patriarchy has damaged relations between the sexes and effectively muzzles genuine victims of sexual assault of both genders.

Who suffers? The real victims of sexual abuse. By asserting all men to be abusers, the #MeToo crowd essentially threw in predators like Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nassar in the same “abuser” basket with routine jerks like Chris Cuomo and a drunk high school boy hitting( flirting) on a classmate.

By obsessing about every “accuser” coming on TV demanding 15 minutes of fame, documenting “the traumatic experience” she should address with a personal psychiatrist, we are trivializing the real instances of sexual assault, which happens all too often, and we are denying our daughter’s real women’s empowerment. The empowerment derived from the competency of making wise choices to maintain sovereign security, an action plan, and a voice to speak up when an unwanted suitor advances with crossing physical boundaries.

Yes, our daughters can navigate most jerk’s unwanted hands or workplace sexual innuendos without becoming a victim. Yes, women of all ages can advocate for themselves by reporting to parents, friends teachers, bosses, clergy, and build a support system for filing charges with law enforcement rather than make accusations in the public social media arena.

Men are not by default rapists. And no woman’s goal should be to gain acceptance as a victim and winner of a #MeToo status badge.

 RWR original article syndication source.