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Garland Weaponized the Department of Injustice

America’s children are the core and the heart of Her future, but one wouldn’t know it from the manner in which so many school board members across the country are willing to indoctrinate them into hating America and accepting immoral and deviant personal and social behavior. along with this indoctrination, their tyrannical mask and vaccine mandates serve to also make our children believe that their liberty and freedom are privileges from government rather than Inalienable God-given Rights, and they’re taught such things against their parents’ express wishes. Most Americans would prefer and are demanding today that these school boards actually educate and keep their children safe from drug-pushers, shooters, and rapists who roam the halls of their schools.

Instead of doing anything that truly makes schools safer and better in America, they inundate our children with homoerotic and Critical Race Theory trash that is as vile and as evil and immoral a thing as one will ever witness. And while we’re in a nation that is supposedly ranked number one in education globally, our children can’t do math and science. And still the teachers have the gall and arrogance to act as if they have been attacked and victimized when parents arrive at school board meetings to angrily confront the evil they have pushed on their pupils.

On September 29th, 2021, Viola Garcia, president of the National School Boards Association (NSBA), wrote a letter to the Oval Office placeholder asking for help in stopping “threats and acts of violence against schoolchildren, public school board members, and other public school district officials and educators.”

Why? Essentially because her fevered imagination equates parents attempting to hold school boards accountable with threats and intimidation. She and her ilk are pushing a Maoist Cancel Culture agenda, and anybody that expresses real opposition to that agenda are told to shut their mouths and sit down or leave, and failure to obey too often results in police officers violating those parents’ rights and forcibly removing them from the room.

Exemplifying the extraordinary lengths these ideologues are willing to go, Garcia’s letter incredibly specifically requests that her concerns be reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Homeland Security, and the U.S. Secret Service in cooperation with the Department of Justice.

On October 4th 2021, Attorney General Merrick Garland fired off a memorandum — a real piece of fascist garbage — that never would have been written by any administration mindful of the Constitution and the actual law, in response to Garcia’s letter, and in the egregious manner of a good little fascist attempting to intimidate parents. Writing his fascist meme without any foundation in U.S. law or any cited legal basis, Garland never cited any specific federal or state crimes that drove him to act in response to Garcia’s obvious transparently political missive that complained about parents who fiercely defended their children through statements that have been loud and angry, and righteous.

However, Garland did make vague reference to “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence,” as he defamed constitutionally protected dissent and ordered the DOJ to coordinate with thousands of school districts in basic retaliation, complete with investigative harassment aimed at parents, along with associated potentially ruinous legal costs, to force Americans to submit and comply.

Garland is basically hoping to use the federal government’s own threats, coercion, intimidation, and the legal process as a penalty against conservatives, independent and Christian dissidents, even when they haven’t in fact violated any federal law, casting an evil shadow of fascism across America.

Ironic isn’t it? Garland expressing his desire to use the full weight of the federal government against concerned citizens and parents, who allegedly threaten, intimidate or harass public servants, on the same day Joe Biden declares such acts are “part of the process” when his Democratic Party Communist supporters used them against Democratic Senator Krysten Sinema for obstructing his $3.5 trillion spending bill. But despite all of this, Garland, a longtime DOJ official and a former federal appellate judge, actually does fully understand that historically the First Amendment leaves little leeway for any law enforcement restraints against it in the role of domestic political opposition, especially through the federal government.

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Many Americans would prefer to see Biden, Garland, and school board members are taking steps to ensure that teenage girls couldn’t be raped in our schools, rather than trying to conceal the fact and failing to immediately report such incidents to police and facilitate the continuation of dangerous pro-LGBTQ policies that allow fully male deviants to commit such crimes against young girls, as brought to the spotlight by the case in Loudon County, Virginia. But, instead, those real Americans are affronted by arrests, such as in Scott Smith’s case, that happen for no other reason than a parent voicing something a board member doesn’t want to hear or be made public.

Where was the mainstream media’s coverage of this poor girl’s rape? A ninth-grade girl, fourteen years old, was forcibly sodomized and forced to perform fellatio. Where is the coverage of the attempted cover-up and the fact that the Loudon County School Board wanted to handle it “in-house” rather than go to the police? And we are supposed to trust our children to the immoral and dishonest sort of people who managed to get themselves elected?

No wonder Mr. Smith demanded to be heard and kept talking when they tried to silence him, as some also called him a “liar” despite hard evidence to the contrary. How could the police dare side with the tyrants and arrest Mr. Smith for speaking the truth to those who failed both him and his daughter?

And please recall that it was the Biden Education Department that opened the door to transgendered students having access to any bathroom of their choice under Title IX and paved the way for the numerous abuses we are all already witnessing. An anatomically correct teenage male has no business at all in the Ladies’ Restroom, no matter how much he protests that he is “a lady.”

Most Americans are not going to tolerate their children being taught now thinly-veiled Critical Race Theory curriculum from kindergarten through high school, that attempts to paint America as racist to its core. We aren’t going to stand for one minute more to be spent on teaching young white children that somehow Christian and Western principles and the ideas of objective reasoning, individuality, and personal responsibility driven by one’s conscience and a certain sense of urgency are all somehow wrong and “an aspect of white supremacy.” We aren’t going to tolerate so-called educators, who reveal their own racist agenda in the name of “anti-racism” when they use CRT to disingenuously and erroneously suggest that black children cannot effectively think in a proper analytical manner due to racial and cultural factors, even though many studies suggest the problem is found in their early childhood environments.

Derrick Wilburn, a black descendant of slaves, gives one of the most outstanding speeches one will ever hear. In a fairly recent video, he expressed his opposition to CRT before the Colorado Springs School Board, noting that he was “not oppressed nor a victim” — that his three children are not oppressed, stating in part, “We are not victims of America.”

The public education system supposedly exists to serve the needs of American families, not as an entity unto itself, existing only for itself and its own agenda. These parents aren’t showing up and disrupting classrooms. They are arriving at public meetings to address real, valid, and vital concerns. They have been exercising their First Amendment rights to effect change in their children’s schools, necessary by all accounts and given what has transpired to date. And, rather than being treated with proper respect and cooperation, they encounter intransigent, intractable school board members who disable microphones in mid-sentence, end comment periods early and mock the concerned parents behind their backs.

Our right to petition our elected officials to redress our grievances is an inalienable right that is constitutionally protected.

American parents are right to be angry, to be outraged, and any government official that attempts to silence them, to the point of having them dragged from the room and arrested, just because they express their anger is completely out of touch and on the wrong side of the issue.

If I tell a school board member that I’m going to have his job, is that a threat? Yes. And if I said it, it would be meant more as a promise, but it wouldn’t require the intervention of the police. Similarly, if I were to say “I’d like to knock your head off” or “someone ought to tar and feather you”, that could be perceived as a threat, but not an imminent threat that would necessarily require the federal government to intervene, and they really aren’t violations of any federal law; and absent a very specific call for violence or the act itself being fulfilled, they really aren’t prosecutable crimes under state law.

Unless someone clearly and concisely calls for the use of force against somebody else or an entity and obviously intends real and imminent violence in any public setting, our First Amendment protects our right to speak freely. Even actual threats of violence are not a matter for law enforcement to do anything other than to give some perfunctory and initial scrutiny.

Garland’s Department of Injustice and the equally unreliable and tyrannical FBI do not hold any general, national police power, and no federal crimes exist without clear, intentional, and imminent threats against federal interests (along the line of bomb threats and real and clear threats against the U.S. Armed Forces or federal buildings and officials), which explains his memorandum’s proposed partnership between the DOJ and FBI and “State, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement” to address threats against school board members and other educators.

He perfectly well understands he is overstepping his constitutional authority in taking any action against parents due to their dissent over CRT, Transgender and Homosexual Studies, and other controversial topics, and can only be relevant or effective in an ongoing set of circumstances by acting in conjunction and cooperation with state and local law enforcement, as he circumvents and violates the constitutional federalism principles that are supposed to prevent this very thing from becoming our reality.

If this wasn’t ideologically motivated, as Merrick Garland asserts, then why are he and the DOJ and these various school boards headed by Democratic Party Communist apparatchiks so threatened by the free exchange of ideas and concerns of conservatives, Christians, and others within the dichotomy between the proponents of the destruction of the republic and those supporting traditional America?

In 1935, Adolph Hitler spoke to the German people and declared:

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

All of this action by the Looters and Takers, the Socialists and Communists of the Democratic Party, is nothing less than the culmination of endeavors to ensure that parents have as little say in the education and training of their own children as possible.

It’s nothing less than silencing parents through government threats and intimidation, in order that vile, treacherously immoral, and evil proponents of an unbelievably, unfathomably depraved worldview may continue to indoctrinate children to conform to that new depraved model they wish to impose on us all. Just as there was the Hitler Youth, the Soviet Komsomol, Mao’s Red Guard, and the North Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth League, Biden and Democratic Party successors hope to have their comparable group, perhaps a revamped Students for a Democratic Society.

In the wake of a tyrannical regime that looks at conservative, independent, and Christian Americans with contempt and hatred and perverts our public education system in a way that is detrimental to all America, dissidents across our great country must not wither and wilt under the Biden regime’s attempt to defeat them through an extreme abuse of power by Garland’s weaponized Department of Injustice. We must fight back and resist with the utmost effort in this battle that is one of the most important battles we will fight in this war being waged, so that our children and their children’s children and many generations hereafter will remain free, long after we are dead and gone.

Fight these communist revolutionaries in the Biden regime and across society, who allowed U.S. cities to be burned with little consequence to the arsonists but now want to use arbitrary whim and the government jackboots to repress and criminalize our Inalienable God-given Rights. Fight those fascists, who would destroy traditional America and trample on the rights and freedoms that have defined America from its first days, and refuse to let them take our liberty or super-impose a lie in place of American heritage and God’s truth.

By: Justin Smith