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Putting Men in Women’s Sports is a Terrible Idea

My Thoughts on Men in Women’s Sports:

What would you think if your daughter was competing against a man in high school sports? Or college sports, where the difference is even more pronounced? Probably that the competition isn’t very fair. I know that I think that way when I see men competing against women in women’s sports.

Somehow, this has become a problem in our society. Transgender sports rules haven’t caught up with the speed in which transgender men are starting to compete in women’s sports.

The policies haven’t caught up with reality, and transgender athletes are upending high school sports, and even college sports in some cases. The hormones that they are given, and their natural bodies, give them an unfair advantage.

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We have to create new policies and guidelines for transgender athletes so that all athletes are able to compete on an even footing. If we don’t, then women’s sports might be ruined by the men that are competing in them.

Transgender athletes have an unnatural advantage on the field because of their “chosen gender.” Especially if they are a biological man competing in women’s sports. That needs to be changed so that there are no longer examples of men winning women’s sporting events.

It’s absolutely crazy that there are currently men competing in female sporting events and that needs to be fixed, soon. While I’m not behind a full transgender sports ban, I do think that we need to take a realistic look at the situation and adopt policies that fix what is currently happening in a respectful manner. I have tried to not get too involved in debating aspects of the culture wars raging around transgender issues. And I have a distaste for big government. But creating transgender sports laws seems like a common-sense response to the current problem.

Of course, the leftists don’t get that, or they’re just refusing to acknowledge it. So now, with senile Joe Biden in office, they’re passing the Equality Act in an attempt to put even more men in women’s sports. That will end predictably disastrously, both for women who want to compete and American society generally.

The simple fact is that the genders are different. Men are not women and women are not men. Women are inherently better at some things, such as nurturing, and men are better at some things, such as some sports. It’s simply part of our nature, how God designed us. That’s why it’s terrible that Biden and his coterie of leftists with abominable ideas are trying to put more men in women’s sports. Men should be competing against other men and women should be competing against other women. Any other state of affairs would be unfair to women and undo decades of progess.

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It’s sad that, in our current atmosphere, so many people can’t accept that its a bad thing to have men in women’s sports. How could that possibly be controversial? Yet, because the radical left has taken over and is trying to fundamentally transform America, we now have trouble having reasonable discussions about gender issues. Fight for our traditional understanding of gender! Fight to keep men out of women’s sports!

By: Gen Z Conservative, follow me on Parler

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