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“Memorial”: A Beautiful Poem for Memorial Day

All in death renewed a life removed
A person in service a soldier and friend
Taken in youth and wasted except
For the love of country, we all must accept

The responsibility for a push to war
Which saw our children ripped and torn
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, never gained
Always too much the sacrifice, given

One drop of blood too much the loss
No square yard matters so much as a son
And a daughter is worth more than an Embassy
So covet that fleeting breath your children gasp

And remember the fallen as they were your own
For so often they fell for ideas that they did not even share
But for their obligation and love, this country would not exist
And the world would be a darker place minus for forfeit

Thank the survivors yet pine for the lost
Because their blood is the very foundation on which your success rests
So drop tears on that one day we cast aside to consider them
And let your heart both swell and sink knowing that their relinquishment was for you

By: Dan Lumburg