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Meme Roundup 1/11: These 13 Memes are Wild

1: President’s Day is Cancelled Because Brandon Doesn’t Count

2. A Reminder on Which Bathroom to Use

3. 2024: Return of the Orange Jedi

4. The Jobs Brandon is “Creating”

5. High-Eyebrows Pelosi is a Clown

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6. The Jellyfish: Smarter than Brandon

7. Found AOC a More Manly Boyfriend

8. What The Crazy Leftists Care About

9. You Can’t Make This Up

10. No Wonder Leftists are Scared

11. I’m Sure AOC is Still Quite Scared

12. If Don Jr. Was Ilhan Omar

13. Arranging the Deck Furniture at CNN

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.