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Meme: For What will Cancel Culture Come Next?

Everyone and their brother with a conservative attitude have been “cancelled,” at least in some minor way, at this point. I was for running a conservative campus journal in college, and for not bowing the knee to the leftist tyrants. My friends were for letting their conservative opinions slip at various times. Only the RINOs and cowardly conservatives are safe, for now, at least.

Most famous conservatives have it far worse: Gina Carano, for example, was cancelled for daring to say that the Holocaust was bad and conservatives shouldn’t be treated in that manner. Apparently, that was just too much for the left.

But now, the cancel culture Red Guard isn’t just coming for people. No, now teams, objects, and ideas are cancelled too.

Take the Braves’ classic cheer, the “Chop.” Trump performed it while watching a World Series game and the left lost their minds. Watch him here:

And as Forbes described the criticism:

He was recorded participating in the stadium-wide “chop,” which has been criticized for being “racist” and “dehumanizing” towards indigenous people since it became popular at games almost 30 years ago. Fans raise and lower their right arms in unison at every home game, howling a mock war chant. Twitter quickly commented at the former president’s seemingly oblivious – or, perhaps not so oblivious — participation in the offensive hand and arm movement.

This was after a contentious debate between Native groups and the MLB over the hand gesture. Although last summer the Braves said they were reviewing the chop after being pressured by the Native and indigenous communities to remove it from their home games, just last week on October 27, Rob Manfred — the Major League Baseball Commissioner — guaranteed that the arm gesture was not going anywhere anytime soon. Manfred said that Indigenous communities support the Atlanta Braves’ controversial tomahawk chop in defense of its continued use. An argument that several Native groups quickly contested and argued against.

What?! It’s “dehumanizing” to move your arm up and down like a tomahawk? How? Not that I care, I’ll do it and defend it regardless, but still, I’d like to know.

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They’ll never say, of course, it’s all performative. The “indigenous people” (read: injuns) are pissy about it because it’s only through whining about something people enjoy that they might get their five minutes of fame. The natives are restless and want to make it into the papers.

So, that raises the question: what’s gonna be cancelled next?

Shampoo, as the tweet suggests? Surely it’s just as dehumanizing for bald people to have to walk past rows upon rows of shampoo and other hair care products while at the supermarket as it is for Tonto and Co. to witness people cheer for their favourite baseball team. Maybe Jeff Bezos can fund a class-action lawsuit.

What about moccasins? Are we gonna cancel those too, not to mention the pale-faces that would dare wear comfortable leather footwear, because we copied them from Liz Warren’s people many moons ago? Send up the smoke signal! Moccasins are cancelled too.

BUTTTT, the injuns culturally appropriated horses from the conquistadors. Without Spain, France, and England, they’d still be riding llamas. So they’re gonna have to give those back, along with their cherished bottles of Jack Daniels. Fair is fair, I don’t make the rules.

So, they’ll end up without horses or liquor and we’ll end up grimy haired, shoeless, and with no fun cheers for our favourite baseball teams. What a win for diversity!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.