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Meme: Don’t Worry, Joe Can Go Lower

Joe’s approval rating slips lower and lower as the American people see just how disastrous his regime is for our nation. As Donovan Corzo described it in a recent article:

Real Clear Politics has Biden at a collective approval rating of 42.2% with 52.1% disapproval. In my last update which was just last week, it was 43.7%.

Five Thirty Eight Uncle Joe now sits at a 43.4% approval rating and 50.9% disapproval. In the first week of this term, he had a 53% approval and 36% disapproval rating.

In a CBS poll in early October, 60% of respondents feel that the administration is not focusing enough on inflation and 53% feel they aren’t focusing enough on jobs and the economy.

Polling from Gallup shows that the Biden approval rating has dropped 11% from Q1 to Q3 of his first term, from 56% to 44.7% which is the biggest drop of any president since WW2. Also, it is larger than the 10% drop Obama experienced in his first term, who then went on to lose 63 seats in the House and 6 Senate seats in the 2010 midterms.

He is also losing support among Latinos according to Dick Morris.

All of that’s very, very bad news for slow Joe. President *’s approval rating is melting faster than his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone and that ain’t good, Jack.

But it can get worse. It will get worse.

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Why? Because Team Biden has literally nothing, and I mean nothing, going for it. It can’t pass an infrastructure bill, can’t win a war, and certainly doesn’t have any charisma. Just watch Kamala try to give a speech:

Lol. She’s terrible and that’s cringier than when Killary told a crowd of blacks that she keeps hot sauce in her purse. But she’s not the only one in Team Biden with a lack of public speaking talent. Just watch Biden try to complete a sentence:

Ah, his old nemisis: words.

But it’s not just their lack of charisma, strategic acumen, or poor policy decisions like paying each illegal $450k that’s pushing Biden’s approval lower and lower. It’s also that Biden is, well, a senile senior that has accidents you might expect someone of his mental capacity to have. Most recently, for example, rumor is that he accidentally relieved himself in front of the pinko pope. As one internet commentator put it:

Others quickly joined in:

So there’s that. The point isn’t if it’s true or not. I have no idea (although there’s no evidence that Biden changed his suit). The point is that people think the President of the United States shit himself in front of the man Catholics believe to be God’s chief representative on Earth. And they have a reasonable chance of being correct!

Think Biden’s approval ratings won’t drop because of that? Think again. They can and will go lower.

And, of course, there’s the “let’s go Brandon” chant that seems to be heard every time a crowd gathers. Popular presidents don’t have massive crowds chanting “f*** you” to them day after day for months. As the chants continue, so will the slide in Slow Joe’s approval rating.

Biden’s already doing badly. But it’ll get far worse, both for America and his approval rating. Joe can always go lower.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.