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McCarthy Said Outloud What Most Americans Feel: “If the President Asked My Advice, Had He Done Nothing since He Took Office…”

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said this:

“I haven’t found very many things that they have done right, no,” McCarthy, R-Calif., said. “If the president asked my advice, had he done nothing since he took office, optimism would be up 20%, not down.”

If like many of us, you are wishing that Joe Biden just stayed in his basement and did nothing, you don’t even know how close your wish is to the truth. You can look at Joe Biden’s schedule and see that his day is mostly filled with travel between DC and Delaware, occasionally interrupted by “discussions,” “remarks,” and “briefings,” all concerning things that he has never read and does not understand. Joe Biden’s “team,” however, is a much more active bunch.

President Trump came into office as a problem solver. He had a big list of agenda items: economy, the border, world affairs, to name a few. President Trump’s economic policies led to one of our strongest economies. His border policies controlled illegal immigration. His foreign policy successes promoted peace across the globe. In fact, if President Trump didn’t have the hysterical media and the White House full of renegades that made his tasks almost impossible, I believe there was nothing he could not accomplish.

While being an effective President in regards to policy, Donald Trump was an abomination to many people because of his confrontational style and contentious behavior.  The media and the Democratic party effectively exploited and magnified that during the Presidential campaign, convincing enough people that whatever good Trump did for the country was not worth putting up with his behavior.  When Joe Biden came into office, he had no motivation, or expertise, to solve any problems, and his handlers knew it.  And fixing the problems was never their goal – so Biden’s ineptitude suited them perfectly.  The only two items on their agenda were:

  1. Hate Trump and reverse everything he did
  2. Turn America into a socialist society

During the first 3 months, they meticulously undid every President Trump’s policy success, effectively plunging America into chaos. Their every action created a new problem. Destroying a functioning border policy led to an immense humanitarian crisis.  The disastrous economic policy led to rampant inflation and struggling job growth.  Turning a blind eye to real causes of crime (like fatherlessness and lack of law enforcement ( defund police) in liberal states) led to a historic epidemic of violent crime. Every policy that Joe Biden has implemented created a new problem, and now he is just sitting in the Oval Office, bewildered by the daily mayhem, and his press team has their hands full deflectinglying, and “circling back.”

In addition to the problems of their own creation, the Biden administration is haunted by the ghost of the past year – Covid. If you remember, when he campaigned, Joe Biden had “a detailed plan” to defeat Covid. That was the main reason he got elected – people were scared and exhausted by Covid. Well, as Biden got into office, turns out his plan is not really working so well.

After 6 months of dealing with an unknown pandemic, the Trump administration had a pretty coherent strategy of minimizing its effects and was well underway developing a vaccine (Operation Warp Speed). In comparison, in their 6 months in office, Joe Biden’s handlers have no strategy or effective solutions to rising Covid cases. Their only solution is “to follow the science,” which often means wandering from one policy to another based on no reliable data and creating mass chaos and confusion among the US population.

Joe Biden’s handlers are not really interested in solving any problems. Their real goal is to get to their second agenda item: turn America socialist. Every new crisis this country faces gives them an excuse to increase government spending, infringe on our liberties, and implement their dream of imposing socialism on America ever closer.

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There is no problem, in their view, that taking your money and giving it to other people can’t fix it. Give “Northern Triangle” lots of money, and the myth doing so will keep people at home. Inflation can be kept at bay by more spending. The rise of crime will be dealt with yet more spending – not effective policing. They even have the solution for Covid: just pay people, and Covid will solve itself. Tomorrow, they’ll address the “root causes” of terrorists taking over Afganistan by paying the Taliban for not beheading too many people.

Joe Biden’s handlers are a bunch of incompetent totalitarian hacks who truly believe every problem can be solved by more power grabs, more centralized governance, and more taxing you and giving your money to other people. This is their only goal, and they will spend the rest of Joe Biden’s time in office, however long it may be, to ram socialism down America’s throat – and they don’t care how many lies they must tell or how many people have to die for them to do it.

 RWR original article syndication source.