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If GOP Wins House In 22 – Minority Leader McCarthy Plans 7 Investigations Into Biden Admin On Day 1

As 2021 comes to a close, many new outlets and consultants have already started sounding the alarm, a “Red Wave” is probably coming in the 2022 mid-terms.

This reality would be quite significant considering the abuse Democrats have exerted during two failed impeachment attempts of former President Trump, the fake Russian investigation, and the Biden administration directing the DOJ to investigate parents who objected to CRT being taught to their children.

In addition, the viciousness towards conservatives during the ongoing January 6th commission is ripe for retribution if the power shifts back to some of these same people under scrutiny.

Of them, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) already has plans to launch at least seven investigations into Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration if Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives in 2022.

“McCarthy plans to beef up staff, counsel and other resources to be ready to extract information beginning Day 1 if the GOP gets the gavel,” Axios reported on Sunday, noting that McCarthy’s office already has several investigations planned.

The plans show House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy would make use of majority powers for the last two years of President Biden’s term if, as expected, the GOP wins the majority in next year’s midterms.

  • McCarthy plans to send “preservation notices” to departments throughout Biden’s Cabinet, ordering them to retain documents that might be needed for future GOP oversight hearings.
  • As a prelude, House Republicans in August sent Biden a request to “preserve all records related to your Administration’s withdrawal … from Afghanistan.”

Investigations planned by House Republicans parallel with their legislative agenda included in a June 29th press release titled – McCarthy Unveils Republican Task Forces, Announces Leaders and Members

  • IRS: Leak of a “vast cache of IRS information” about billionaires to ProPublica.
  • National Security Agency: Tucker Carlson last summer accused the spy agency of targeting his show’s communications. The NSA said he was never an “intelligence target.”
  • Parents: Attorney General Merrick Garland’s vow to mobilize the FBI against “threats of violence against school board members,” after the National School Boards Association used the phrase “domestic terrorism.” The association apologized for its letter.
  • Border: Record levels of illegal immigration.
  • COVID: Origins of the virus, and CDC communications about school closures and mask mandates.
  • Afghanistan: Decisions behind the withdrawal, and an accounting of Americans who remain stranded.
  • JEDI: disputed cloud-computing contract.

McCarthy plans to beef up staff, counsel, and other resources to be ready to extract information beginning Day 1 if the GOP gets the gavel, with then, Speaker McCarthy, leading the way.

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Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show. Follow Eric on his website ETTALKSHOW, and social media platforms, MAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show