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Watch: McCabe Goes on Crazy Rant Against Conservatives, Compares them to ISIS

Andy McCabe, the disgraced, former #2 of the FBI recently showed his true, anti-conservative colors yet again, this time in a crazy rant in which he compared conservatives to ISIS and called parents protesting their school boards a threat to national security.

First came the attack on conservatives as…wait for it…ISIS.

That’s right, the drunk guy chanting “f*** Joe Biden” at a football game and your aunt who posts too many articles on Facebook is, according to Andy McCabe, cut from the same cloth as the ISIS terrorists that beheaded prisoners for fun. Specifically, he said:

“I spent years working against extremists doing counterterrorism work in the FBI. And I have to tell you that that sort of a diverse cross-section of people is exactly what you see in the population of adherents, people who are attracted to extremist rhetoric and extremist movements. That is exactly what you see.

When we looked at those Americans who traveled to Syria for the purpose of joining the Islamic State when you put all of those faces and names down in one place, you had doctors, lawyers, you had people who were Muslim their entire life and some people who had just converted only months earlier.

You had rich people, poor people, men, women, of every ethnic variety. So I think that’s actually common to extremist groups. Some people are very vulnerable to and drawn into that core lie of any extremist movement, and that is exactly what we’re seeing now with these — this particular group of Trump supporters.

They have invested, on an emotional and spiritual level, in this grievance that the election was stolen from them and they seem to be completely manipulated by that propaganda.”

But that wasn’t all. Far from it. After slandering Trump supporters concerned with voter fraud as ISIS-like extremists, McCabe went on to…claim that anti-CRT school board protesters are being “violent.” In his words:

“Political violence [is] not just confined to the Capitol. It’s going on in school boards around the country. It’s going on in local elections. It’s happening, you know, even to healthcare workers.”

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And it’s not just that. Because those “violent” parents (“violence” apparently meaning, in this case, yelling at dolts that are pushing CRT on young students) are such a threat, McCabe claims we need a  “rapid and complete response by law enforcement at the state, local and federal level to this sort of political violence…”

So, in his view, if you’re mad that your kid is being indoctrinated and go to yell at the commie pushing leftist mind viruses on him, the FBI should bust in your door and arrest you. Got it.

But still that wasn’t all. McCabe also wants law enforcement to surveil average conservatives, which I suppose makes sense if you think they’re basically ISIS. In his words:

I’m fairly confident the FBI have reallocated resources and repositioned some of their counterterrorism focus to increase their focus on right-wing extremism and domestic violent extremists. And I think that’s obviously a good idea…

Are you going to catch this threat if your focus is only on the traditional, right-wing extremist, those groups that we know about, the quote-unquote, fringes of the right-wing movement? And I think the answer to that is no.

It’s entirely possible that when the intelligence community and the law enforcement community looks out across this mainstream they didn’t assume [on January 6] that that group of people — business owners, white people from the suburbs, educated, employed — presented a threat of violence, and now we know very clearly that they do.

So, the disgraced, former #2 at the FBI wants to sic LEOs on you for being a conservative, thinks you’re about the same thing as an ISIS thug, and thinks protesting school board members is “violence.” No wonder the FBI is acting so crazily; it’s leaders are lunatics.

Watch the panel discussion in which McCabe made these startling remarks here:

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.