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11 Mayors Support Slavery Reparations Plans

11 mayors of major American cities have joined the “Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equity” group and support slavery reparations plans.

Who are the 11 mayors? Which 11 cities? Luckily, the Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equity website adumbrated them. They are:

  1. Eric Garcetti- Mayor of LA and Founder of MORE
  2. Michael Hancock- Mayor of Denver, CO
  3. Tishuara Jones- Mayor of St. Louis
  4. Keisha Currin- Mayor of Tullahassee, OK
  5. Jorge Elorza- Mayor of Providence, RI
  6. Steve Adler- Mayor of Austin, TX
  7. Steve Schewel- Mayor of Durham, NC
  8. Esther Manheimer- Mayor of Asheville, NC
  9. Quinton Lucas- Mayor of Kansas City, MO
  10. Darrell Steinberg- Mayor of Sacramento, CA
  11. Melvin Carter- Mayor of St. Paul, MN

There’s also, as of now, one former mayor that supports slavery reparations plans:

  1. Michael Tubbs- Mayor of Stockton, CA

At least he was voted out.

According to the MORE website, the MORE Coalition “stands on the belief that cities can — and should — act as laboratories for bold ideas that can be transformative for racial and economic justice on a larger scale, and demonstrate for the country how to pursue and improve initiatives that take a reparatory approach to confronting and dismantling structural and institutional racism.”

They claim that such slavery reparations plans are necessary because:

“Racial inequality in America was cemented and institutionalized for generations when restitution was denied to survivors of chattel slavery and human bondage — with their descendants stripped of the uniquely American promise of self-empowerment through legally-enforced oppression, segregation, and discrimination officially sanctioned in both the public and private sectors.”

To justify the ludicrous idea that America is still a nation with racist laws, the MORE website relies on the NYT’s fake history. It’s a sorry attempt at justifying a racist, pointless, absurd plan.

It is doubtful that much will come from MORE, especially on the national level. Average Americans aren’t enthused about the prospect of paying for slavery reparations. According to a recent poll, ~2/3 of the American population opposes such plans.

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But, the fact that mayors from such large, distinguished cities support race-based cash payments is disturbing. LA is a massive city. Many Americans are fleeing to Austin and Denver. Durham and Sacramento are similarly important cities. If so many nodes of commerce and centers of tech and culture are taken over by the sort of radical leftists that would support slavery reparations plans, then the future of American culture and the economy is dim indeed…

By: Gen Z Conservative