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An Excellent Quote by Matt Walsh on Imaginary Oppression

The Quote by Matt Walsh on Imaginary Oppression

I don’t know if the world has ever seen anything like this. A bunch of people who live lives of freedom and relative luxury choosing to destroy their country because they’ve convinced themselves that they are the victims of a completely imaginary oppression.” -Matt Walsh on Imaginary Oppression

My Take on the Leftist’s Imaginary Oppression

I think this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression, like the Matt Walsh quote on leftism, is spot on. The Americans that are protesting and rioting right now aren’t protesting anything real. No oppressive force is ruining their lives, whether they’re white or black. They live lives of luxury, freedom, and plenty.

It’s not as if American leftists are living in horrible, crushing poverty as they demand an end to capitalism. These aren’t the serfs of the czars sweeping Nicholas II out of power and installing a socialist government because their lives are lives of horror, misery, and want. Quite the opposite, in fact. They’re living in the most prosperous era of all time and their personal prosperity is quite obvious. Oh, but they’ve convieniently forgotten that America’s prosperity was created entirely by capitalism.

Of course, leftists won’t recognize that, as you can probably guess by the content of this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression. They’d like to think that everyone is after them. They think the police are after black people (they aren’t, as Heather Mac Donald has pointed out countless times). They think that capitalism is somehow oppressing them. Yeah, that makes sense, the system that gives you the opportunity to live the life you want to live and that means anyone with a work ethic is able to be rich beyond their wildest imagination is somehow oppressive.

The main point of this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression, the point that the oppression leftists have convinced themselves is omnipresent doesn’t exist, is just what Americans need to start recognizing right now.

And by right now, I mean right now. As we speak, Democrats are burning down our cities, assaulting our police officers, and killing innocent Americans that dare to protect their businesses and property. The leftists are ripping America apart and oppressing countless business owners, all in the name of fighting oppression.

But, beyond anything else, worst of all, even worse than their crimes, in my opinion, is that it’s all made up.


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Faked outrage and victimhood are the name of the game when it comes to the leftists on college campuses that are really the main subjects of this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression. They act like they’re “victimized.” Or they claim that there is “systemic racism” that’s holding them down somehow. Or, most likely and most horribly, they just claim that some conservative they see on campus is an evil “racist,” “misogynist,” or some equally ridiculous label.

It doesn’t matter to those antagonists, the young socialists on college campuses, that they’re ruining both America and the lives of the people they falsely accuse. No, to them all that matters is winning and appearing virtuous in the fight against imaginary oppression. They don’t care that the world would be a far worse, absolutely hellish place without America, as Dinesh D’Souza definitively showed in America: Imagine a World Without Her.

Nor do the radical leftists care that many lives of innocent people have been been ruined by false accusations. They think they’re the victims of oppression. So they’ll do whatever it takes to silence conservatives and fight that imaginary oppression. Even if it means ruining the country and ruining lives on that quest. That’s what this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression was all about.

To them, all that matters is winning. As said in this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression, they think they are up against something big and evil. Thanks to critical theory, they believe that some almighty, malignant power will destroy not only their lives, but the lives of every minority in America. It’s insane, crazy, absurd, whatever you want to call it. But they think it is real and will do whatever it takes to defeat that imaginary oppression.

Now, of course, since it’s not real, it can’t be defeated (no surprise there). But the left doesn’t know that (or doesn’t care), so it will keep fighting “oppression” all the same.

That’s why we have seen so many insane new leftists programs recently. The speech codes on college campuses. The never-ending programs meant to bring more and more “diversity” to college campuses, high schools, and companies. Continued discussion of almost non-existent and certainly ineffective groups like the Klan. It’s all made up because it is all meant to defeat imaginary oppression. As you can garner from this quote by Matt Walsh on imaginary oppression, none of the oppression that they are supposedly fighting against even exists.

So, the leftist fight against oppression will continue forever because, in America, at least, it can never be won. We’re not a particularly racist society. Opportunity is still present here for everyone of any race or creed. There is no oppression to fight against, so the battle against it will never end.

If conservatives ever want all of these ridiculous leftist programs that are ripping our country apart to end, we need to openly and unambiguously state that the oppression leftists are fighting is imaginary. Otherwise this cycle of outrage, creating some new diversity program focused on labeling all whites as racist, claiming the program “isn’t enough,” and then repeating that will just continue indefinetly.

We can’t let those programs continue forever, they’re ripping the country apart and used as leverage against those of us that don’t toe the party line. So, the only reasonable response is to fight back. Let’s start doing so. Right now. Not later, right now. Otherwise, all might be lost..

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook