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“Massive Red Wave in 2022”: Elon Slams Dems, Announces He Voted Republican, Supports this MAGA Candidate for 2024

How’s Elon doing right now? Great. After moving to Texas, he went native and started voting Republican, as all real Texans do, announcing on Twitter that he had just cast his first vote for the GOP ever.

Posting about that on Twitter, Elon said:

I voted for Mayra Flores – first time I ever voted Republican. Massive red wave in 2022.

That tweet of his came in response to one about the candidate he said he voted for, Mayra Flores, who just ousted a Democrat for the first time in four decades:

Republican@MayraFlores2022 has won the special election for Texas’s 34th Congressional District, flipping a seat that has been under nearly unbroken Democratic control for four decades.

What’s better, Marya, the now Congresswoman that Elon voted for, is no Romney-like slouch. On her homepage she proudly champions the America First movement, saying: