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The All-Out Marxist Assault on Western Civilization

By: David Gignac

In part 2 of this article series, I touched upon racism and sexism; it wasn’t comprehensive, but I plan on expanding on them a little here today as they are subjects that are discussed from every direction every day and twice on the weekends by nearly everyone who discusses current events. It seems they are the only two subjects that really capture the MSM attention now that their guy is staying in 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. and the Bad Orange Man is only somewhere in the periphery. They use those two subjects to distract from the incompetence of the cognitively challenged Joe Biden and the incompetent or possibly treasonous cadre of maleficent actors destroying this country.

I would like to, in later articles, start writing about the state of learning in this country. I don’t have a specific agenda on this front as I am a product of a far earlier version of government schooling, but one thing for certain is that the Covid episode that we Americans, and the entire world as a population set have gone through, is going to end. Whether it ends with the Deep State, totalitarian actors, in our country and abroad taking over and installing the boot of tyranny firmly on our necks or an awakening of a larger slice of the sheep waking up in the nick of time is still debatable.

One of the new memes on the right of the red pill, blue pill from the movie The Matrix, and that meme symbolizes the situation in this country and has already climaxed in places like Australia. Blue pill refers to a state where the narrative put out by Leviathan that ‘society’ is weak and stupid and needs to be herded into corrals for their own safety or on the other hand, get red-pilled and see the reality that we have been living in, manipulated by a matrix of their lie.

In The Matrix, the hero, Neo, takes the Red pill and is able to see the construct built inside the unconscious minds of the people who are still plugged into the matrix but has to run for his survival from agents of the construct. For me, one of the most interesting and poignant scenes is the one in which one of Neo’s compatriots decides he prefers the illusion provided by the matrix to the harsh reality of living in reality. I’m paraphrasing but he says something to the effect of, “I don’t know what it is but it tasted like steak and I liked it.”

And that is what the end to the Red pill analogy looks like because if we go back to the Blue pill of the American leftist matrix, it all ends with the lie of paper money devaluing our lives in a whirlwind of inflation while the government inflicts tighter and tighter controls eventually locking us within our borders, in our cities and has it has been proven in our houses, don’t think they haven’t noticed how quickly we were cowed, you were cowed, I didn’t play their silly game and I can be seen thousands of times either smiling at or being offensive to their cameras. The same cameras they will use to track and trace you if vaccine mandates come to the Gen-Pop.

The US, like China, has about one surveillance camera for every four people, says report – The Verge

They want to force you to take the inoculation and make you prove you have been vaxxed to live in society but tell you it is racist to require an ID to vote. It is pretty obvious the Democrat party is looking to replace the black voters who have been red-pilled with illegal aliens, a whole new plantation to call their own. Just like they did with blacks they will get the illegals addicted to government handouts and then grow government by promising more and more “free” stuff.

And just like before, there will be new buzzwords and new promises to herd the new voters around by the nose right up until election time, and then when their usefulness is over for four years they will be left to become agitated living in the new barrios that are being built everywhere next to single-family neighborhoods. Meanwhile, they’ll be preparing for the great reset where they outlaw private property so you won’t own anything and you will be happy. The globalists have told you this many times but then distract with a new crisis so you don’t connect the dots. All the MSM talking points are such distractions.

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The sexism and racism that everyone is screaming about, while I am sure it exists overtly in some places (such as Hollywood), is mostly on a very low simmer everywhere else because as the culture continually shifts, men and women are still trying to define their roles in society. I am not talking about transgenderism and other such faddish wedge issues, but, which parent goes to a day job and who works from home, if there are children, what roles do each play or do they let the child ‘become’ the person they were meant to be?

With gay and lesbian households raising kids, and all the kids going to public schools, what do you tell your straight children is the proper way to address the differences, they see in the parents of their friends should it come up? Or should you broach the subject first in case some radical school teacher is going for a leftist badge of honor for convincing your child he/she was born in the wrong body. There are more and more videos surfacing of teachers indoctrinating your children. Now I don’t care anything about Gays, Lesbians their “marriages,” or if they adopt children.

The problem is when government organizations, especially schools and the employees they are responsible for, are actively promoting gay and lesbian lifestyle ahead of the natural order of a mother and a father raising children in the ways that have been practiced for millions of years by every species and that promote the flourishing that was bred into Creation. It is not proper for teachers to subvert the will of the natural parents in service of communistic social engineering.

I have a guess that the social engineering entities — Planned Parenthood, World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation to name only three — promote abortion and genetic manipulation to create a society where family and parenthood aren’t only unimportant concepts but are de-emphasized in favor of the state created society envisioned by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Or as Zager and Evens said in 1969 “You’ll pick your sons, pick your daughters too from the bottom of a long black tube Whoa, whoa”

As I said racism, at least the institutional variety, has been outlawed and any time someone makes a claim that they have been victimized it is taken very seriously because no employer or institution can afford to be smeared with that brush, it has become the accusation of choice for the left because the charge is so heinous. Racism would largely disappear if race hustlers and the Democrat party (but I repeat myself) would just let it go but then a lot of people who have parlayed a role in the racial strife from the ’60s and ’70s into a lucrative career wouldn’t be able to afford their mansions and mistresses.

Just think if every time a racially charged situation occurred and Al Sharpton showed up calling for everyone in the vicinity pay him to speechify about how victimized everyone is, was, and shall be he was told to calm down and wait for the facts, like adult human beings. As I said, living in an imperfect world you are going to have problems, but we can agree that it is no one’s best interest to light their hair on fire without facts. But race hustlers have to jump into the most emotionally charged moment to try to be relevant, they’re hucksters, don’t let them flim flam you.

What has replaced institutional racism in our society is institutional Marxism, and that is on the rise. Hopefully, I am a day late with that charge, because although Marxism has infused itself into our society from top to bottom, we as a nation, are starting to see it and rebel. We have started to make inroads into their power bases in the media. Where once only talk radio had conservative content, thanks in large part to Rush Limbaugh, We have now quite a few conservative talk shows, news programs, onsite reporting on the internet. There are even some conservative movies being made. I would highly recommend the movie Run, Hide, Fight which can be seen on the Daily Wire website.

Though a lot of the media titans remain viable, they have beclowned themselves covering for the Democrat party and attacking any alternate opinion with a unified phalanx of condemnation hilariously being shown in clip after clip of a variety of stations saying the same phrases over and over verbatim. The problem is they have been the go-to source for news for so long and the only source for at-home entertainment before that people believe them when they tell you they are trustworthy.

Once-ultra-influential newspapers, newsrooms, and magazines have moved so far left even their base seems to have been leaving them. I only have anecdotal evidence at this point, but friends including myself used to read the NYT front to back, and although now I only use it for bird droppings, they have reduced their reading to subjects of interest, sports, financial, and book reviews. Very few editorials are worth more than a quick scan to the people who don’t despise anyone right of Jonah Goldberg.

When I was growing up in the less liberal part of N.Y. the Adirondack Valley, Democrats, and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives had different political views centered around how to make America better. Some wanted to move toward equity or equality of outcome by subsidizing the less successful and raise their standard of living so everyone could have a full life. The other camp wanted to remove the impediments to living the American Dream and allow everyone to reach their achievable level in society organically by their inherent attributes and sweat of their brow.

I had one parent on either side of that thought experiment, but it was always an amicable discussion of cursory talking points gleaned from coworkers and TV commercials.

I was mostly agnostic, having left the state at 13 and I wasn’t really knowledgeable or well-read, but I famously agreed with my mother: Goldwater would turn things to gold while Rockefeller had rocks in his head. Profoundly conservative at the tender age of nine.

Eventually, I wound up out in the mid-Atlantic region where I didn’t concern myself with politics until I found I was vehemently opposed to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and wound up as a staunch Trump supporter. Still not having a nuanced view of politics, I learned how the Clintons had used politics to enrich themselves wherever they went and the Clinton Foundation seemed like it had been set up to do that on steroids. Amazingly, when Hillary Clinton could no longer trade on her chance of being President the foundation’s ability to raise money basically collapsed.

Her globalist vision was as much about selling American assets for personal gain, remember Uranium One?

For those that don’t, she colluded with Vladimir Putin to sell 20% of US uranium assets while she was Secretary of State.

The political landscape has changed since the Trump presidency and now Globalists like the Clintons and George Soros have moved on to overt tactics of revolution, even going as far as promoting specious investigations and kinetic riots to obstruct and unseat the President they didn’t prefer. With Hillary in charge, there would be no need for the globalists to riot… they would have just started giving orders.

Political candidates have credibly proposed Universal Basic Income or UBI to keep the men and women whose formerly important and well-paying jobs have been shipped to another section of the global community to fulfill a vision in which the great benefactors (oligarchs, politicians, and other evil overlords) could pat themselves on the back for being the ultimate Robin Hoods. They could reverse the historically unique point in history when a new country was formed with the express desire to not rule over its people but to take direction from them. George Washington famously said ‘no’ to widespread calls for him to take the mantle of king over a new nation because he knew what an inflection point in human history this country was, and still is.

From one perspective this unique cultural and political regime quickly dominated a backward culture and installed foreign rule on them. But from another view, a totally new and unique system of thought conquered the old tribal structure that had been eradicated from Europe thousands of years earlier.

Europe had outgrown the hunter-gatherer model of societal structure 10,000 years ago to form great kingdoms that grew apart from and merged with other power centers, the Roman model somewhat held intact by Charlemagne, a great king who tried to educate the masses and keep Christian thinking alive, to become England, France, Spain, Portugal and the other great explorer nations of the 15th and 16th centuries. The Middle East and Asia spurred great societies before that but didn’t try or were unable to spread their culture westward.

The South American ‘Indians’ developed a more concentrated and structured society of warring tribes than North America but they were ruled by a royal and a priest caste that was all-powerful, going as far as demanding human sacrifice to appease angry gods, no choice if you were a subject, but their most advanced empires fell within a few decades of encountering the Europeans (we seem to have a similar dynamic with our political/medical establishment today).

Today Critical Race Theory, an overtly Marxist concoction based on race and class envy, seeks to distill this entire epoch into a meme that white men enslaved black men and parlayed this event into modern-day America. If there ever was a larger pile of foul-smelling crap foisted on a poorly educated and largely gullible electorate, I’ve yet to find it in my research. And it has taken hold from stem to stern from yardarm to keel of this society, not only the poor sheep, educated in institutions that teach them to despise the greatest freest nation ever because of racism but at the highest levels of the military and the lying press. So if this is not an intentional attack on Western Civilization organized by some centrally planned system then it is truly the fault of an educational system infiltrated by a malevolent enterprise.

Waiting decades in hibernation and growing fat on a largely manufactured racial division, this Marxist hydra sprung to life in this country initially after the 2016 election but gaining strength with every ‘literally Hitler’ claim against Trump in nearly every news cycle and cancel culture and ‘no free speech’ safe spaces on college and university campuses and drag queen story hours in kindergarten. We have also been treated to book banning 57 gender essays while parents are disallowed to raise their children when a government entity doesn’t agree with what they teach, all the time promoting gender reassignment if Joey picks up a doll.

I could go on another 5000 words listing all of the abnormal things that American schools promote, disallow or cover up but let me finish with this:

If America survives this attack on our foundational principles, it will be because we reordered our education system, entertainment industry and got back towards first principles in politics.

It is a tall order but I say if we have faith in the strength of our nation and our creator we will not only make America Great Again but put her on the path to another 200 years of being the freest nation on Earth.