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Marco Rubio on Immigration and Illegal Immigration

The Quote by Marco Rubio on Immigration

“Conservatives aren’t anti-immigrant- conservatives are pro-legal immigration.” -Senator Marco Rubio on Immigration

My Take on Why Illegal Immigration is Different than Legal Immigration

Although I disagree with him on a wide variety of other issues, I do think that this quote by Marco Rubio on immigration is exactly right because it sums up what I think most conservatives think about immigration.

We don’t dislike immigrants who come here to work and who love American culture and ideals. Those who do are often the best Americans.

Legal immigrants work hard, are small business owners that contribute lots to their local communities, are pro-family, are pro-education, and often some of the best capitalists and freedom-lovers because they know what it’s like to live in a land without freedom. Rubio, a Cuban, hates socialism. And for obvious reasons. Socialism destroyed his country and turned it from a tropical paradise to a socialist hellhole!

Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, frequently are the exact opposite of all those descriptions of legal immigrants. Illegals don’t work hard and are often found on the public dole, which they view as an entitlement despite the fact that they’re not even allowed to be here!

Additionally, illegal immigrants are often criminals. Not just in their immigration status, but in their activities once here. They work for the cartels, are robbers and rapists, and engage in other evil behavior. If you want to read about all the problems illegal immigrants cause for America, just read Who Are We? and Narconomics. Both books address how illegal immigrants are attacking America’s laws and culture.

That’s the main difference between legal and illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants care about America. They want to be here, make money, and create better lives for them and their families. As the quote by Marco Rubio on immigration shows, they’re the ones that conservatives want here. We see the value provided by a constant flow of entrepreneurial, freedom-loving immigrants. Whatever liars on the left that call Trump a racist say, we love people like that. They’re great for America.

Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, aren’t. They don’t respect our laws, pilfer our welfare system, and are a mass wave of unskilled labor that we don’t need and will be ever more burdened by as labor-intensive jobs are automated. What will we do with the millions of unskilled, illegal immigrant laborers once farming is automated?

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“So,” you might be thinking, what’s the solution? We don’t just want to hear you complain!” And you’d be right. I should do more than give you a way to understand illegal immigration and legal immigration and discuss why we shouldn’t be giving American jobs to foreigners. Therefore, in addition to my analysis of the quote by Marco Rubio on immigration, I’d like to provide two solutions to America’s immigration problem.

The first fix is to focus on merit-based immigration reform. Rather than letting in a certain number of “diverse” people each year, we should let in as many as are qualified to be here. People with a college degree that can speak English, know American history, have a certain amount of money in the bank, and can pass loyalty tests should be admitted in whatever numbers they are available. They’ll make America better than ever, which is something to remember when reading this quote by Marco Rubio on immigration and illegal immigration.

The second is to stop the invasion at the southern border, which is something that we should do anyway, as mass migrations have caused past societal collapses (which is a historical fact that is elaborated on in The End is Always Near by Dan Carlin).

Troops, drones, walls, and whatever else it takes should be sent down there so we can stop the mass wave of humanity from crossing the border and pilfering and looting our country while making a mockery of our laws. Trump is right. We need a wall and we need it now. But it is not just the wall, we also need to do whatever else is necessary to stop the flood of migrants spilling over our border.

Stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and focusing on merit-based immigration reform are probably the best ways America’s leaders can make this quote by Marco Rubio on immigration an obvious reality. We need to make it obvious that conservatives support immigration, which we do, as long as it is legal immigration rather than illegal immigration. There is a difference, and it is an important one.

When the people who should be coming here are coming here, Republicans love immigration. That is an obvious fact. It’s only illegal immigration that we detest because we know that border security is crucial for national security.

America needs a wall. It needs border security to keep out all manner of violent illegal immigrants, from potential Iranian spies to convicted rapists. We need an immigration system that brings the best people here rather than the dregs of society. America should bring in the best and brightest members of foreign nations; the people that will help build society up. It should no longer allow the worst members of foreign nations- the drug dealers and mules, the rapists, the murders, and MS-13 gang members- to flood into our nation illegally.

Republicans know that this quote by Marco Rubio on immigration and illegal immigration is true. We love immigration. As long as it is legal and helps America.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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