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Mail-in Voting Is A Bad Idea: It Will Make the 2020 Election Even More Contentious

Why Mail-in Voting is a Bad Idea

The Post Office, While a Storied Institution, Won’t Remain Free of Fraud

The Post Office is one of America’s oldest federal institutions. Here’s a quick history of the USPS so you have a general idea about how long it has been around; “The USPS traces its roots to 1775 during the Second Continental Congress, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general. The Post Office Department was created in 1792 with the passage of the Postal Service Act. It was elevated to a cabinet-level department in 1872, and was transformed by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 into the United States Postal Service as an independent agency.”

But, can you guess what the Post Office has never been used for before? Large scale voting. Want to know why? Because mail-in voting is a bad idea. A terrible one, in fact.

Why is that? How could mail-in voting be a bad idea? We send checks and important bills and tax documents through the mail, don’t we?

Well, yes, we do. And generally, they arrive on time and aren’t interfered with or stolen by the Postal Service employees. Voter fraud hasn’t been much of a problem with absentee ballots and mailed checks are rarely stolen. But no one cares about your utility bill or rent check to the extent they care about your vote. And once the incentive system is skewed to where there is an incentive for people to tamper with the mail, they will. Hence why mail-in voting is a bad idea.

Just think about it. This is one of the most contentious elections in recent memory. The left absolutely despises Trump because it has a serious case of TDS, and looks like it will do just about anything to win. Whether that means helping Biden cheat and wear a wire in the debate or using the FBI to launch a coup against Trump, we’ve all seen that the Democrats will do whatever it takes to stop Trump and win the election. Why should we think they won’t do the same to mailed-in ballots? Democrat perfidy makes it very true to say that mail-in voting is a bad idea.

The Post Office has largely escaped being a partisan issue until now. Its employees are largely honest and hard-working. But they are human, just like all of us. A few bad apples could engage in voter fraud that would shift the election in swing states like Pennsylvania. In fact, it’s already happening there; ballots for Trump were found discarded in Luzerne, PA a few short days ago.

So, don’t trust the USPS to keep your ballot safe. It might not be able to if the Democrats really start trying to cheat. If you want your vote to count in November, vote in person. Mail-in voting is a bad idea; your ballot could be one of those thrown out or hidden by a Democrat-influenced USPS employee or disingenuous ballot harvester.

Mail-In Voting is A Bad Idea Because Voter Fraud Will Happen

And don’t let anyone convince you that voter fraud hasn’t happened in the past. It has. In 1960, JFK beat Nixon through voter fraud in Texas and Chicago. A slogan during the early republic was “vote early and vote often.” Obama allowed the Black Panthers to engage in voter intimidation. 11 counties have more registered voters than citizens and are doing nothing about that. In short, people are lying when they say America has never experienced serious voter fraud issues before. We have.

But, even if we didn’t, that would not be particularly relevant. Mail-in voting is a bad idea because it has never been tried before; how are we to know it wouldn’t happen now? This election is contentious and a vicious fight, don’t you think people will cheat?

Mail-In Voting Fraud Examples:

Well, they already are, and, in so doing, are showing that mail-in voting is a bad idea. Just read a few brief story excerpts to see why:

“A U.S. Attorney says a federal investigation is underway after nine mail-in military ballots for the November election were discarded in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.” From:

“GREENVILLE – The U.S. Postal Service is investigating after mail including absentee ballots was found along a road in Outagamie County. According to the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office, three trays of mail were discovered shortly before 8 a.m. Monday in a ditch along State 96.” From:

Finally, there is the news from Project Veritas that there is widespread mail-in voting fraud in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district in Michigan. So not only is her district full of terrorists, but it is also full of corrupt officials and individuals engaging in voter fraud. Here’s the video from Project Veritas that shows just why mail-in voting is a bad idea.

But that’s not all that Project Veritas found. Here’s what they had to say about other reasons why mail-in voting is a bad idea:

“Veritas reporters found that it was easy to vote using the name of a dead person in New Hampshire. They filmed a Greenpeace activist in Colorado boasting about how he could find ballots in trash cans that could be fraudulently mailed in.

In North Carolina, political operatives encouraged Veritas representatives to vote even if they were not citizens. In 2016, Veritas cameras caught Alan Schulkin, Manhattan’s Democratic election commissioner, saying, “It’s absurd. There is a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud.” He explained, “They put [people] in a bus and go from poll site to poll site.” Schulkin was promptly fired for his candor by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.” From: NRO

And this article on why mail-in voting is a bad idea isn’t just my opinion. Here’s what the National Review had to say about it:

“Common sense and election observers argue against any sudden shift. “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” concluded the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter. Allowing such ballots “increases the risks of fraud and of contested elections.” From: NRO

Government Incompetence: The Other Reason Why Mail-In Voting is a Bad Idea

And it’s not just the potential for fraud that is why mail-in voting is a bad idea. Government incompetence also plays a large roll, as a few recent stories have shown:

“In Brooklyn over 100,000 absentee ballots [were sent out and] some had incorrect names on return envelopes for the November elections…About 800 ballots in Nassau County were also misprinted.” From: Democrat & Chronicle

“Elections officials in Fairfax County told the Washington Post a printer problem led employees to mistakenly mail two ballots to about 1000 voters.” From: Fox 5

“A non-profit group says more than a half-million inaccurate applications for absentee ballots were mistakenly sent across Virginia this week — including to dead voters, errant relatives and even a pet — in an unprecedented mailing flub that has heightened concerns about the integrity of expanding mail-in voting efforts.  

The mistakes raised alarms with recipients as diverse as election monitors, members of the League of Women Voters and a retired FBI agent. The Center for Voter Information, the nonprofit group that sent the mailers with pre-filled absentee ballots, is now apologizing. ” From: Just the News

mail-in voting is a bad idea
Guess which states will have the most problems in November…


So, yes, mail-in voting is a bad idea. It will lead to fraud. Government incompetence will lead to worries about the validity of the election. Court cases will ensue and no one will know who won.

That’s the last thing America needs right now. We need solid results and an honest election. If we don’t have that, then what follows November 3rd could get very ugly; I have the feeling Antifa types are just looking for another excuse to riot.

If you want your vote to count and can leave the house safely, vote in person. While there is a good chance it won’t matter and even your mailed-in ballot will be counted, voting in person will give you peace of mind and will let you be certain that your vote was counted. That’s unlike with mail-in voting, where you have no real way to know whether everything went the way it was supposed to or if a corrupt/malicious government employee tossed out your ballot in order to help out their favorite candidate.

Just remember, mail-in voting is a bad idea because anything from government incompetence to corruption could stop your mailed-in ballot from being counted.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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