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Losing Faith In Our Federal Agencies: The Military Is Being Castrated, Others Are Just Useless

The US is circling the drain while we sit and whine.

What type of person is more loyal to his paycheck than to his neighbors that provide that paycheck?  The answer is one that has no view of life other than from the comfort of a desk with a pension visible in the distance.  Our governmental structure has now been seen to be what it truly is, a welfare program for the well-connected that has grown into a hydra that is impossible to escape.

This reality has always been acknowledged but rarely mentioned publicly, so that naive citizens will not have their naps disturbed. The graft of D.C. must be dispensed by a clerk, otherwise, some dirt may attach to the politician that is paying his employers. This system guarantees the growth of the governmental slug.

The levels of corruption have been exposed during the past five years much to the chagrin of the D.C. clique.  The ultimate service of President Trump has been the final revelation of the situation.  It can no longer be denied.  It remains to be seen if there is any resulting discipline required by taxpayers for these transgressions against their freedoms.  Every governmental department is guilty, but some are more noticeable than others.  Is there a government agency that you can trust?

The military leadership is no longer trusted, as the most recent public statements by the Chief of Naval Ops and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs have revealed their acquiescence and support of international and leftist enemies of the USA. 

The Army, by its very nature, attracts people that prefer to be ordered to act rather than make their own decisions. There is great personal and psychological safety in the premise of “if it is not specifically authorized it is forbidden.”   Officers at the beginning of their clerkship are inexperienced in the art of the army political battles, but they soon master the frontal assault on the file cabinet.  Independent thought is a leaders’ most important ability. It is also the least likely to be in evidence during peacetime maneuvers.  The ability to have the independent thinking soldiers follow you into battle is the hallmark of the great generals but it is not necessary to advance to the top ranks of the service.

Thanks to the PC lackeys, we have female Naval officers who ram cargo vessels in panic.  The diversity scam has been the cause of this type of inadequacy for decades. The CNO Admiral Gilday is requiring that all personnel be propagandized about the evil white man.  His qualifications for his position apparently include winning a wrestling match for a box of new pens from the storage locker.  Another qualification is the ability to bow and scrape appropriately.

The most important factor in any military engagement is the morale of the troops.  Many things are possible even with a heavily outnumbered and outgunned force with high morale that is accentuated by great leadership.  By pitting one group against another in an endless confrontation about racial prejudices, a unified sense of purpose is impossible, thereby eliminating the chance of victory over our countries’ enemies.   Racism studies’ only actual function is an attempt to defeat rivals in the furious scramble up the promotion ladder.

In the past, the armed forces were the defense of the country.  Now we also have armed bureaucrats as another level of force between the citizens and the ruling class. These clerks were armed under the Obama Administration. Forty agencies have military arms and ammunition. They include Social Security, Small Business Administration, Food and Drug, Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Education, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Why do weathermen and educators need automatic weapons?

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The CDC is so corrupt that it would require a book to list their heinous deeds.  They take and give away your funds on projects that are not only dangerous but illegal.  They have colluded with Facebook to help control the Wu-Flu narrative according to Judicial Watch.

We have also read about the FBI corruption in many different instances as well.  There are many more but my computers’ memory is not up to the task. Redaction of memos and email is an everyday occurrence.  You are too dense to understand the subtlety of government,  therefore you cannot be allowed to review your employees’ communications as you might misinterpret their corruption.  The CIA and FBI and IRS use this lame excuse to lie, cheat and steal again. The CDC and Fauci have no business redacting information from the people’s inquiry about their nefarious activities either.

Congress has not had a standard budget vote since Obama was in office.  They prefer to rule by continuing resolutions.  They refuse to address the Social Security and Medicare shortfalls.  The borders are not secure to day-trippers much less possible terrorists or drug smugglers.

The government is only interested in its’ own profits.  These defenses are set up to control their cash flow which means you.  Our labor is the only source of income for our rulers, and we must free ourselves from the authoritarians that flourish in this structured society.

We have not had a president that has put the interests of the USA first in his presidency since Reagan. The others have supported the WEF, China, and the Latin societal invasion.  Mr. Trump gave a half-hearted attempt but was bowled over.  We as citizens have the usual response of just trying to be polite and let these thieves ransack our home.  The rotten government exists because we allow it.

Armed resistance is often discussed.  It is usually hot air.  An easy step is to start with is your local government.  Don’t complain as you are led away if you were too lazy to attend a city council meeting and raise hell!

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, where this article originally appeared, and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.