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LOL: “Depressed” Joy Behar Makes Horribly Out of Touch Comments about “Our Democracy,” the Economy

Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s “The View”, just went on yet another crazy rant, this time furious that voters aren’t as worried about protecting “our democracy” as she is. In her words:

“Well, what’s depressing is that the New York Times released a poll today that says that 70% of voters agree that democracy is under threat. But only 7% of voters rank a threat to democracy as a major issue this election cycle. I find that so depressing, I can’t begin to tell you.” 

Continuing, she went on to claim that if Republicans win they’re going to snatch the food out of children’s mouths (though bad, how that relates to “our democracy” is unclear), saying:

The Republican Party is happy to let corporations never pay another tax the rest of their days, they will cut Social Security, they’re going to cut lunches for children. They are not going to help you, so why would you vote for them? And yet, I see that it’s very close, that people are not understanding what the stakes are. And I find it, I find it sad and depressing.

Joining Behar in lamenting how Americans think about politics was co-host Sunny Hostin, who complained that more people don’t change their minds based on the debates:

“What I found depressing because, I was riveted to the debates I think they’re so interesting.

“I realized from this morning that something like 10% of voters change their mind based on debates, going into the midterms, you know most people have already decided – two months in, they’ve decided who they’re going to vote for, so it’s almost as if they don’t matter about the policies, they don’t matter what about people have done, they don’t matter, the character doesn’t matter, it just matters which jersey they’re wearing.

Because Sunny Hostin was surely going to change her mind and vote for someone like Blake Masters or JD Vance if he made a particularly good point.

Attempting to push back, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said that “The View” hosts might have a blind spot on the economy, saying:

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I want to say this respectfully, I worry there might be a blind spot about at this table is the fact that the average American family lost $6,000 in annual wages last year due to inflation. Blame Biden or don’t but there is a reason that Tim Ryan is running in Ohio away from Biden and away from Nancy Pelosi.

Predictably, Hostin and Behar reacted quite strongly to Griffin’s comment, claiming that Republicans don’t want people to have money, with Hostin saying:

Do you think those same people understand that the little money they did get, every single Republican voted against it?

So now the scary GOP boogeymen are going to steal lunch from your child and vote for you to not have any money…sounds exactly like the booming Trump years.

Behar also questioned whether Republicans will be able to fix the economic issues wreaking havoc right now, asking ABC’s Rick Klein:

When your reporters say, you know, you tell me they’re [voters] worried about gas, they’re worried about this, they’re worried about that, do the reporters follow up and say, ‘Do you think the Republicans will be able to fix these things?’”

Watch the out-of-touch co-hosts discuss the matter here:

By: Gen Z Conservative