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LOL: Woke NBA Desperately Trying to Recover from Ratings COLLAPSE after It Went Left

EDIT NOTE: I’m not an NBA fan, nor am I suggesting you should watch it. This is just meant to be a fun article about a “go woke, go broke” situation.

The fools and firebrands running the NBA must have never heard the phrase “go woke, go broke” because they went woker than any other sport and weren’t in any way prepared for what happened next.

And what was it that happened next? The newly woke basketball league’s ratings fell like a brick tossed off a rooftop. Fitsnews reported on that ratings collapse quite well at the time (2021), saying:

A few years ago, my news outlet extensively covered the culture wars surrounding the National Football League (NFL). These battles led to plummeting ratings for the league, and while it has regained some of its lost audience the numbers from last year showed a 10 percent dip from the previous year.

According to Rick Porter of The Hollywood Reporter, “across all of the NFL’s broadcast partners – CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC and the league-owned NFL Network – games averaged about 14.9 million viewers, (versus) 16.5 million from a year ago per a Hollywood Reporter review of Nielsen ratings.”

Even worse, league ratings remain 20.3 percent below 2015 levels … which was the season before former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick initiated a wave of player protests by taking a knee during the playing of America’s national anthem prior to a 2016 preseason game.

While the NFL is still struggling to rebound from its ratings blow – and still struggling to learn the lessons of what caused it – the National Basketball Association (NBA) finds itself in far direr straits.

And why was that? Because no one wanted to watch woke sports. People tune in to the NBA, NFL, or whatever else to crack a beer, relax, and watch physical specimens bash each other or engage in crazy feats of endurance, agility, and skill. Not to see some blue-hair screech about police violence.

That was found in predictable polling at the same time the above passage was written, with Newsweek reporting that:

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Yahoo News/YouGov, found 34.5 percent of respondents saying they have watched less sports due to social justice campaigns. According to the poll, 11 percent of people said they have watched more sports as a result of the social justice messaging, and 56.3 percent said they have watched the same amount.

Looking at the different political party affiliations, 19 percent of Democrats said they have watched less sports in light of social justice messaging, while 13.7 percent said they have watched more. In comparison, 53 percent of Republicans said they have watched less sports due to social justice messaging, and just 8.6 percent said they have watched more.

The poll also found that men were more likely to watch less sports as a result of social justice efforts, as 37.6 percent said so, compared to 28 percent of women. According to the poll, 13 percent of men and 7 percent of women said they have watched more sports.

Well, now the NBA is trying to recover, at least from a revenue perspective. And how are they doing so? By hiking ticket prices. Yes, really.

The Post uses the New York Knicks as an example of that ridiculous trend. The team, in an effort to boost revenue despite declining interest, increased its already high ticket prices by a whopping 14%, meaning they are now  $185 on average, with attendance only dropping 4%. However, the article also indicates that many season ticket holders balked at the increase and either went to half-year packages or didn’t renew at all.

So that’s apparently the strategy. Rather than retreating from wokeness and properly responding to the lack of interest in social justice ball, the woke NBA is just hiking prices. Looks like they still haven’t learned their “get woke, go broke” message.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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