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LOL: Woke Mob Wants Troy Aikman Fired for “Misogyny” After He Says the NFL Should “take the dresses off,” when Complaining about Number Of Penalties

The woke mob is keeping up the Robespierre with a pink slip routine, this time going hog wild demanding that NFL Hall of Famer and current announcer Troy Aikman be fired for “misogyny”. Why do they want him fired?

Because he joked that the NFL should “take the dresses off” when complaining about roughing the passer penalties and how they make the game an player seems soft. Rob at Trending Politics reported on the situation, saying:

Here comes the woke mob again! This time they are after NFL Hall of Famer, and longtime announcer Troy Aikman for a comment he made on ESPN’s broadcast of Monday Night Football.

Everyone remembers Monday Night Football. The legendary primetime presentation of the NFL used to be an occasion preserved for the very best teams, as it was the biggest stage in all the game. Before the days of the league streaming games several days a week, if you made it to MNF, you truly made it. Even the legendary broadcasting team of Don Meredith, Frank Gifford, and Howard Cosell were the best in the business. Thankfully there was no social media, internet, or snowflakes then, or Howard, Frank, and Dandy Don would’ve been canceled before halftime.

It’s not that they, nor Troy Aikman said anything wrong, mind you. It’s more a product of people feeling the need to complain and be offended, or wannabe Twitter personalities looking to raise a stink to get attention and a few more followers.

And what was it that Aikman actually said? What was so horrible that it had the mullahs of wokeness sharpening their scimitars? All he said was: “I hope that the competition committee looks at this during the set of meetings and we take the dresses off.

That’s it. Just a joke that NFL players and the competition committee need to man up a bit and accept a bit of contact rather than turning football into soccer.

And, as could be predicted, the leftists utterly lost their minds over the remark.

Rob, in the same Trending Politics article cited above, collected some of their pearl-clutching, panicked statements:

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“Troy Aikman really needs to find a non-misogynistic way to critique the call besides ‘take the dresses off’. And I say this as someone who heard this misogyny normalized by coaches as a kid & even participated myself. Way past time to end such sports talk,” sportswriter Chuck Modi added.

“Troy Aikman said f*** the 2022 social climate and told competition committee to “take off the dresses” live on air, re: roughing the passer calls,” said fantasy football editor Chris Raybon.

“The competition committee ‘needs to take the dresses off’?? Aren’t we past using things associated with women as a pejorative? C’mon, Troy Aikman,” tweeted Paola Boivin, the first female journalist to be named to the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame.

Perhaps those libs freaking out over Aikman’s remark about the committee taking the dresses off need to take their dresses off and man up a bit. It sure seems like having thicker skin would help them avoid having a coronary over some trivial comment…

By: Gen Z Conservative