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LOL: Woke Athelete Gets HUMILIATED When Trying Out for Old Job [WATCH]

I know many of you won’t want to hear this, and I don’t either, but Colin Kapernick is something of a genius: despite being mediocre at best at football (and that’s being extremely generous), he’s managed to make more money than even many of the greats, and certainly more than those who are just a good bit better than him but not super stars.

How did he manage that? By going woke. His career was languishing and more or less stopped, he wasn’t playing that well, and people were forgetting about him. So, rather than practice more or otherwise try to get better, Kaepernick went woke.

He started kneeling, ginned up controversy, attacked police, and ended up reaping massive financial rewards from woke companies like Nike while simultaneously stopping his football career. He went from mediocre ball tosser to vapid pundit and received a huge chunk of change and much applause from the blue-haired left for doing so.

But now that’s more or less worn off, as Americans have grown tired of his antics and the energy has faded from BLM as people get sick and tired of the crime that tends to come with a police retreat and “social justice” focus in a community. He might still be making more money than he would as a football player, but he evidently thinks it’s time to start playing again, as he tried out yet again for the NFL.

But the vicious meritocracy of the football field isn’t one that can be defeated by accusations of “racism,” particularly given that most of the players are black, so Kaepernick had to actually try out. It didn’t go well, as Wayne Dupree reported, saying:

The Raiders are the first team to show some real interest, and Colin held a workout for some key folks in the organization a few weeks back on May 27th, and we’re now hearing that it was an unmitigated disaster.

Outkick reported that interviewed by VLAD TV, Warren Sapp claims to have heard a great deal about the former quarterback’s performance at a workout in front of the Raiders on May 27th. Sapp did not mince words, “I heard it was a disaster, I heard one of the worst workouts ever.” and that was just the beginning…

[…]There were numerous reports on every sport site, that surfaced after the work out. None said that he did enough to get an invite to camp, but most reported there were positive signs, and this would most likely lead to some interest from other NFL teams. It is interesting that after that workout, no other team has invited him in for a look or has publicly shown interest in him visiting with any clubs.

Hilarious! Watch Sapp discuss Kaepernick’s shortcomings here:

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So, in the non-shocking news of the week, going woke and rubbing elbows with blue hairs isn’t a great way to get ready for the NFL, and a mediocre athlete doesn’t get better after taking a few years off.

Whatever Kaepernick does next, it’s great seeing the America-hater humiliated!

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