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LOL: Watch What Americans Say When Asked What They’d Tell Joe Biden

What would you tell Joe Biden if you had the opportunity to deliver some honest thoughts directly to Brandon’s face?

I’m not sure what exactly I would say, but I know that a few insults and four-letter words would be mixed into the fury-filled word salad sure to erupt from my mouth.

And that’s exactly what “the data” shows Americans would tell him: well, one piece of data, this hilarious video:

Here are some of the gems regarding what people would tell Biden:

“I’d tell him to get out of office. He’s f*cking sh*t up.”

“He’s old. He’s falling off of bikes and sh*t.”

“It’s over man. Give it up.”

Indeed. If only Brandon would give it up, as he’s one of the worst ever, if not the worst ever.

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He’s senile, incompetent, a jerk, and the exact opposite of confidence-inspiring.

His inflation crisis has wrecked our current and bank accounts, his gas price crisis has wrecked our wallets, his foreign policy crises have demolished America’s national standing, and his administration is beyond awful.

And that’s before all the little things are taken into account. There’s Kamala’s cackle, Biden looking weak and falling off of a bike, Biden looking weak and falling down when climbing up plane stairs, Biden looking weak when trying to speak, Biden looking weak when sitting down and looking like he’s falling asleep, and so on.

Then there are the laws and other initiatives the Democrats are passing and pushing under his aegis. There’s the gun control bill and the massive spending packages, the “infrastructure bill” full of leftist agenda items and the Nina Jankowicz-led disinformation agency, the FBI indicating that it would treat concerned parents as a potential domestic terrorist threat and Border Patrol let a mass of illegals flow across the border.

And, as could be expected, many Americans were quick to comment on the video and point out things about Team Biden.

One, for example, said:

This is the reason the Democrats are bringing in millions of illegal immigrants and distributing them throughout the country in the dead of night.

They are ripping apart society by catering to illegal immigrants in the hopes of gaining their support.

Another laughed about the comments from the guys in the video, saying  ““He’s fkN shit up..” 😅 Indeed he is!

And the joke that Biden is so bad even blacks aren’t voting Democrat any more: “😂Lordy! If Joey keeps it up Trump will have 100% black vote! 😂😂😂

Still another said “Regular everyday dudes on the street know the score. It ain’t looking good for our potato in chief in 2024. #Trump2024

And the obligatory joeke about Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment: “clearly a black man that’s down on Biden. Would Biden tell him he ain’t black… 🤔

Fortunately, however, Trump is looking like he’ll run in 2024 and replace Slow Joe Biden the idiot. Thank goodness; four more years of this senile disaster in chief might be more than America could take.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List