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LOL: This Week’s Meme Round-Up (8/27/2022)

In this week’s round-up of the news in meme form, we have some big topics to cover. Biden has declared that college student loan debt is going to be paid off by the taxpayer, and Ron DeSantis continues to fight for increased election integrity.

Let’s jump into the memes:

Joe Biden came crashing down upon the American taxpayer when he announced a $300 billion dollar forgiving of college student loan debt. 

As this massive fiscal weight falls from above onto the middle class, they are left only to hope that the floor below them will not collapse under the brutal force of other people’s mistakes.

Now for an all-time classic meme, combining the two events that the Biden presidency will be most remembered for in the years to come.

Sure, Joe Biden is responsible for the best presidential blooper in recent memory as he tumbled from a bike while stationary. Biden, however, wants to make sure that bikes aren’t the only thing that he crashes during this presidential term.

This week he took more steps to ensure that a middle-class American feels the brute force of inflation and economic crash.

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The previous record for crashes by a sitting president was one, held by Gerald Ford, due to the secret service crashing his limousine in 1975, but Biden has now doubled the record and seems on track to add another fall to his wowing four years of failure.

We all must sometimes feel like a confused toddler when we watch the left make a full change of direction on their most firmly held beliefs, as long as it suits them politically.

A couple of years ago, we had to endure incessant cries of “Defund the Police”, but now that the FBI has raided President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home the left is a gung-ho supporter of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I cannot wait for the immediate switch to occur again, if the FBI decides to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop or his business dealings overseas.

The FBI may be swarmed by an army of LGBT and BLM supporters as cities burn in the name of “mostly peaceful protest.”

Finally, in better news, Ron DeSantis has made waves by going after fraudulent electors and nefarious actors who have strived to undermine the integrity of America’s election.

Of course, he has come under attack from the mainstream media for this initiative. There is likely a fear for many of the liberal elites that Governor DeSantis is not following the traditional path of a politician (meaning that he is actually working quickly to fix his state).

Jim from The Office is giving us the clearest and most concise explanation of why this is a great move by the Florida Governor.  

Just a couple of years ago, in 2016, Democrats cried about election fraud in the wake of Trump’s victory over Hilary Clinton. Now, in typical fashion, they are back to opposing this movement that is trying to create more fair elections.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s meme round-up, I will be back with another one next week!

By: Goose