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LOL: This Week’s Meme Round-Up (8/20/2022)

As the news becomes more dark and dreary, artist have used their creativity to shed some light on the situation.  I will be highlighting some of the best memes and comics from this week, in an attempt to summarize this weeks news in a fun and light-hearted way.

Brain Stelter, also known as Mr. Potato Head, had his primetime show on CNN cancelled after years of low ratings. This marks a victory for Former President Donald Trump who often sparred with Stelter on social media before his twitter ban.

Here we see the 45th President of the United States utilizing his famous catchphrase to show the hobbled Stelter out the door.

As our very own GenZConservative put it, “His audience of fifteen viewers will sorely miss him.”

Now the CNN audience waits with bated breath to see who the left anoints as their next mental gladiator, set to do battle with the evil forces of facts and logic.

In other news, the hilariously named Inflation Reduction Act has been celebrated by democrats as it is set to increase government spending. 

Now, every educated reader will immediately know that increased government spending will only be able to curb inflation “when pigs can fly,” which makes this cartoon by Gary Varvel ( perfectly suited to christen the new bill.

As Joe Biden gleefully rides this winged swine off of a cliff and into the abyss, he is swiftly followed by the economic downturn that is sure to follow the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Next up, this image should become a proverb for anyone who continues to watch the main stream media.  News sources all over the world have used the FBI raids of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property as an excuse to divert attention away from nefarious dealings by the current administration.

If one were to ask about the whereabouts of the damning Hunter Biden laptop, for example, the media might attempt to divert attention to a Former President who did exactly what his predecessor set a precedent of doing.

At least our protagonist, in this picture, has a steaming cup of Joe, to distract him from this tired old rhetoric pushed on cable television!

Lastly, in the most ironic move of the week, Democrats showed that they completely oppose the Declaration of Independence in a way that anyone could have seen coming. 

With the addition of 87,000 IRS agents,  the Democrats have managed to increase taxation while decreasing representation for the middle class.  This move surely has American Revolutionaries rolling in their graves this week, and current Americans shrinking their budget in the face of massive inflation.

At least someone enjoys it, as the ghosts of supporters of the British Crown laugh in the face of America’s founding principles.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, I hope to see you again next week as I round up the best memes and comics that I can find. Feel free to submit any images that you feel should be in next weeks round up, and I will see you then.

By: Goose