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LOL: The Leftist Media is Utterly Panicking Over What Elon Just Did [WATCH]

When the Twitter board was exercising their right to free speech by banning your free speech, the “constitutionalists” of the left told you that they were well within their rights: a private social media company can run their operation as they see fitThat changed when Elon Musk’s announced his bid to buy Twitter. Five seconds later, the liberals discovered that “social media platforms have enormous power over our everyday lives,” and thus, must be severely regulated:

I don’t know how long Joe Biden has been “concerned” about “disinformation” on social media.  Presumably, he became “concerned” right after social media disinformation helped him assume office.  Before then, social media operated in good faith as far as he knew.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber, who probably spent the last six years playing cards with Biden in his basement, also just discovered the power of social media:

Did you know that if you run a social media company, you can “ban one party candidate, or you can secretly turn down the reach of their stuff?”  Ari just uncovered “the scoop:” you can!  That’s why Ari gets big bucks for his “groundbreaking reporting.”  Listen to Ari: you don’t even have to explain yourself!  And nobody will even find out that you lied till after the election!

The hell you say, Ari!  We can’t have that!  Well, we could, when social media was run by the “proper authorities” – the people you can trust to push the “correct narratives.”  Listen to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski lament that her job of telling Americans what to think is now in jeopardy:

“[Musk] is trying to undermine the media.  While the economy worsens, he can undermine the messaging.  He can actually control what people think – and that’s our job!

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Mika realizes, and always has, that the already tottering economy is going to get worse.  She knew it full well even before the election.  Nevertheless, she propped up an incompetent candidate who is about to plunge the country into a recession, and now the only thing that bothers her is that she will not be able to effectively cover up her own culpability in your suffering.

Remember how Project Veritas exposed the media agenda by secretly listening in on their company meetings?  James O’Keefe may now retire because the media is openly spilling their guts on national TV:

“This is dangerous!  You need controls on this! You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country, or we are headed to hell. We are there.”

David Zurawik’s definition of “hell” is living in a country where he doesn’t get to control what sources you read.  To prevent Elon Musk from plunging the country into “hell,” the Biden administration has created a “Disinformation governance board” which is headed by “a renowned expert in the field of disinformation.”

Nina Jankowicz is fully qualified in the field of “disinformation,” because she is single-handedly responsible for about half of all disinformation currently promoted by social media.  However, the man who holds less power in this country than your toddler, and makes just as much sense when he speaks, says he would never police “an opinion” of an employee he hired to police your opinion:

“There are people in the department who have a diverse range of views and they are incredibly dedicated to mission. We are not the opinion police.”

But for all of you who are still not on board with “Ministry of Truth,” Jen Psaki will have you know that it was all Trump’s idea!

“This is a continuation of work that was done under the prior administration.”

Did you know what Donald Trump’s strategy was to keep the borders closed?  It was not putting Mexican Army on the border, and it wasn’t the “Remain in Mexico” policy – which led to the most secure border in American history.   Trump’s real plan was to police social media for drug smugglers spreading “misinformation”!

So, for all those “concerned about the migrants streaming across the border:” the “root cause of migration” has finally been identified.  It was all those drug smugglers running around on social media “misleading” the poor migrants into believing that our Southern

The border is wide open! Aren’t you glad that we now have a “disinformation board” that will stop the drug cartels (and independent journalists) from spreading this dangerous “misinformation?”

This administration’s plan to solve inflation is selling you a boatload of bullsh$t for the price of one. If the “disinformation board” was dedicated solely to Jen Psaki, they’d be working 60-hour weeks.

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