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WATCH: Things Get So Bad Even SNL TORCHES Brandon In Recent, Hilarious Skit

In a recent skit, NBC’s Saturday Night Live surprisingly took aim at Joe Biden in true comedic fashion.  Watch the video below.

The skit begins by poking fun at Joe Biden’s recent inability to count properly.

“This week Biden pardoned thousands of convicted marijuana users,” the actor states, “and it feels like maybe he celebrated with them a little because yesterday Biden gave a speech at a car factory and opened with this.”

They then show the clip of Biden at the speech, where he incoherently proclaims, “Let me start off with two words….made in America.”

It’s amazing what happens when you let this guy speak without a teleprompter.  Oh wait, he couldn’t even do that as he would say things like, “End of quote, repeat line,” not even coherent enough to understand those aren’t to be spoken.

The skit continues, “Biden was then heard criticizing reporters at the White House for shouting questions at him.  Questions like, what year is it and who is the current president? Also, they weren’t reporters, they were doctors.”

What a hilarious jab at the president’s inability to address reporters like a normal, healthy president should.

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It’s been known that Biden has to have a list of preselected reporters as not to overload the president and cause him to short circuit in front of the world.  Although, that’s not even uncommon at this point.

I suppose random questions being fired at him on the spot isn’t covered in the “cheat sheet” Biden’s handlers have to give him before press conferences so his obvious senility doesn’t show too much.

Speaking of doctors, it would be telling to see what Biden would score on the mental acuity test that Trump completely aced during his presidency.

The results would laughable, but simultaneously terrifying since he is the supposed leader of the free world.

It was initially shocking to see this skit at first, knowing SNL’s track record ever since Trump announced he was running for office.

It felt like SNL made it their mission to dedicate nearly all of their air time to making fun of Donald Trump or republicans in some capacity.

Evidently, abandoning your business model of comedy and adopting leftist activism isn’t a great way to make money, as recent reports show a whopping 50% decline in viewership that sparked rumors the show could be canceled.

Yet another casualty among woke companies who mindlessly peddle leftist politics who then “go woke, go broke”.

Maybe they are starting to get the memo that everyone is tired of the “orange man bad” mantra or “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that has plagued the media for the better part of the last half decade.

Saturday Night Live used to be the preeminent American comedy show that everyone could agree was funny.  Hopefully, this marks a return to actual comedy.

Even better, maybe this will lead the way to the broader entertainment industry deciding to not inject bias into all their programming.

After all, it certainly helped create the terrible situation our country is in now.


The featured image is a screenshot from the video linked in the article.