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LOL: Slow Joe Biden Gets SHREDDED After Making Insane Comments on Gun Control, F-15s

Joe Biden proved yet again how foolish he is in a speech in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and he is receiving massive backlash online.

During this speech, which lasted 30 minutes, the sitting President laid out his support for an upcoming ban on assault style weapons which he believes should not be made available “outside of a war zone.”

Biden played in integral role as a younger senator when he helped champion a similar temporary ban many years ago. 

“I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country. Determined. I did it once before. And I’ll do it again,” the 46th US president asserted to his crowd.

“No, I’m not joking,” the president interjected at least half a dozen times, according to the New York Post.

Later in the speech, Biden mocked what he called “brave right-wing Americans,” saying those Americans would need an f-15 aircraft in order to have any chance at defending themselves against the government.

The president was quoted as saying, “if you want to fight against the country, you need an f-15. You need something a little more than a gun.”

To some Americans, this was taken as a threat. It certainly is alarming that the president is so comfortable speaking about the use of military fighter jets against those who vote for the opposing party.

A Tennessee congressional candidate, named Robby Starbuck, took to twitter to voice his concern.

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“He’s Tacitly threatening Americans and what he’s saying is nonsense. He wants us defenseless as crime and tyranny surge,” Starbuck wrote.

GOP staffer Alec Sears also took to the internet to poke fun at Biden for this crazy remark.

“The Taliban did not have F-15’s and Joe Biden ceded Afghanistan to them one year ago,” Sears correctly points out.

It seems that in his old years and mental haze, Joe Biden has already forgotten the first year of his presidency in which he lost the fight in Afghanistan to a group of motivated fighter using mostly, as Biden would consider them, assault weapons.

Cristina Pushaw, the press secretary for Ron DeSantis, took issue in the same way and moved directly to the point in her critique of the President.

“I mean, the Taliban didn’t need an F-15,” she released on her twitter account.

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie pointed out the hypocrisy of the Biden speech.

“Biden says the second amendment is obsolete because you need F-15’s meanwhile he claims an insurrection can be carried our with water bottles, flag poles, and bike racks. Neither is true!” he said in reference to the President’s constant focus on January 6th.

It is truly shocking to hear the President talking in these terms, admitting that he views the right wing as violent opposition and speaking about how he would defeat them in combat.

Biden seems to be saying, that since the US has fighter jets and other high tech weaponry, that the citizenry should lay down its own arms and submit to the rule of the federal government.

That logic goes completely against the founding doctrines of American, and would have our founding fathers rolling in their graves if they heard this nonsense.

By: Goose