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LOL: No One Wants to Talk to Slow Joe in Hilarious New Video

What’s Biden up to? He’s making a fool of himself and showing his senility in a manner so blatant it makes you wonder if it’s an intentional cry for help, a silent demand we use the 25th Amendment to pluck him out of office and drop him in a nice nursing home with plenty of ice cream (that’s all a joke, fact-checkers).

In any case, though it might not really be quite that bad, Biden’s mental state is, well, less than ideal. That could be clearly seen in a recent video, one in which Biden could be seen meandering about for a few seconds looking confused and then annoyed when no one wants to talk to him. Watch it here:

Why does no one want to talk to Slow Joe? The reason lies in the back left corner of the video: Obama was there and, being neither senile nor as bad as Joe, people wanted to talk to him.

Why? It baffles my conservative mind, but most likely because where Joe is just depressing and an obvious failure, at least Obama enervated a few people. Brandon can’t help but mess things up constantly, whereas at last Obama was inspiring to some people.

So, for whatever reason, most likely the positive memories Democrats associate with Obama and the disastrous present under Biden, no one wanted to talk to Joe and everyone wanted to talk to Obama.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro had a funny Twitter take on the matter, saying:

Obama returning to the White House while Biden goes back to being the irrelevant dullard he always was must be quite difficult for Democrats. After all, Biden is the anchor to which they are tied.

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Indeed. If there were ever a living embodiment of the albatross from the Mariner story, it’s Team Biden.

Slow Joe himself is a gaffe-prone, lecherous imbecile that seems to be drifting more toward senility by the day and his Veep, cackling Kamala, is an utter disaster of a Vice President that can’t seem to get a single sentence out without laughing awkwardly or mumbling some word salad that’s even more incomprehensible than whatever Biden managed to mumble.

So yeah, not great. Yet they’re stuck with those two. Yet worse, they’re probably stuck with Biden in the driver’s seat because getting rid of him would mean putting Kamala in his place and while he’s a dullard and fool, at least he doesn’t inspire the immense, deep-seated dislike that having to hear just one of Kamala’s cackles inspires.

What that means is that however fun for the left the meeting must have been, however great it was to get to see Obama again, he ain’t back and can’t be back: instead, his former VP is running things even more poorly than he did at his worst and Democrats, because Kamala is the backup, are stuck dealing with that rotting albatross of a failed president.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.