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LOL: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wrecks AOC in Hilarious Tweet

What’s the entirely estimable Rep. AOC from New York known for wringing her hands about?

Yes, the border crisis, or at least the plight of the migrant children that we treat very well after they’re caught breaking into our country. That picture of her crying in some random parking lot in Texas is hilarious.

But beyond that, what does she care about? “Climate change”. That boogeyman of greans, lefties, and RINOs is certainly one of her chosen issues, and one that gave MTG an awesome opportunity to wreck her online..

In fact, AOC has even gone so far to claim that America’s foreign policy must be “climate defense” based rather than just focused on what makes America and her citizens safer and better off. Speaking on that, AOC said:

We need to really look at our foreign policy, and approach and change and shift our foreign policy to not just be militarily and defense based but to also be climate defense based and diplomatically based.

“And that right there, I think, is really where we’re going to have to push. And we need to push internally because I’ll tell you, the United States doesn’t want to do that.”

She also managed to tie the two issues together, blaming climate change for the migrant crisis and saying:

And the reason that it’s a problem — and this is not just U.S. supporting regime change. This is also climate policy that is impacting the global south disproportionately.

Even though these farmers and these folks in Central and South America contributed to climate change the least in terms of their carbon emissions, they are experiencing the ravages the most right now, and first. So U.S. climate policy has contributed to this. U.S. foreign policy, U.S. economic, and trade policy has helped contribute to conditions that people are fleeing.

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And so, our response should not just be our border policy. It’s how are we going to change our foreign policy so that we’re no longer supporting, frankly, neoliberal economic foreign policy that creates and makes developing countries forever in debt.

And how do we make sure that we actually change our foreign climate and economic policies so that we prevent these mass migrations to begin with.

All that’s to say that AOC at least pretends to be very worried about the climate and Mother Earth.

Yet she just backed the $40 billion in aid for that country in Eastern Europe that Google has determined we shall not name, aid that will, if it all doesn’t immediately flow into corrupt pockets, prolong the war, perhaps substantially.

And you know what’s really bad for the environment? Warfare. Tanks emissions, jet fuel, and the dust tossed into the air by artillery strikes and air strikes, are alll bad for the environment, as is sinking a massive ship like the Moskva or evne just strewing the landscape with chemicals by bombing it.

So, Rep. MTG hit AOC hard on that hypocrisy on Twitter with a hilarious tweet, saying:

.@AOC, what is the carbon footprint of the proxy war with Russia you voted to fund?

AOC doesn’t appear to have responded.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.