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LOL: Kyle Rittenhouse Sets Internet Alight with Hilarious Easter Tweet

Kyle Rittenhouse has a good sense of humor, at least. Following up on his hilarious tweet about gas prices a few weeks ago, now Kyle’s using the same image from his trial for a lighthearted Tweet about Easter candy:

To be honest, that one made me start laughing out loud when I was scrolling through Twitter and saw it. Why?

Because Peeps, and marshmallows generally are gross. Perhaps Marshmallows can be saved if put in a s’more with a heft serving of chocolate, or dropped into some hot chocolate, but who wants to eat a stale, rubbery, sugar-crusted thing that looks vaguely like a bird? It’s gross, and that should be an official MAGA campaign plank.

Of course, the internet promptly freaked out at the fact that Kyle would dare use an image from his trial, even going so far as to call him a terrorist and a murderer for…self-defense. Here are some of those nasty insults:

“The people you killed and their families won’t.”

“This is a little awkward. I don’t know if I would joke about stuff I went through and having a mental breakdown in court. I guess I had a good Easter too.”

“Not funny kyle, not funny. Especially facing terrorism charges”

“I hope the Judge and jurors from your trial see this and understand what a horrible mistake they made.”

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“Nothing says “I killed 2 people but got away with it because I’m white” quite like a good peeps joke.” (a white guy posted this one)

“Two families have empty seats at their tables this year”

Those ridiculous, mean-hearted tweets prompted one reasonable, smart, kind soul to post this, which everyone fighting in the comments section needed to hear:

Indeed. A joke. Remember when we could share those without being called a murderer? Those were the days…hopefully that will return on Elon’s Twitter!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.